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base-converter Simple math tool for base convertion : decimal from/to any base

connect-access-control Connect middleware to provide simple role-based access control

ender-swig Ender port of Swig (fast django-like templating engine for node.js and browsers)

every-stream Generic DSN-based streaming API: Stream('ftp://user@host/path/to/file.txt').pipe(Stream('file:///path/to/local.txt'))

ftp-server Featureless FTP server

gulp-front-matter Extract front-matter header from files

gulp-rss Generates an RSS file from files with metadata (typically extracted using `gulp-front-matter`)

hal Hypertext Application Language

jus-config Configuration handler, accepts multiple file formats, and overriding over multiple directories and filenames. Main usage: require('jus-config')(configNames, dirNames, callback).

jus-i18n Real I18N implementation, with a true support for plural forms, and many storage engines. Works best with Express or Jus Framework

jus-task Easy namespaced task handling in CLI

node-filter Validation and sanitization API inspired from PHP's filters

npm-compat Gives you latest version of a module compatible with your current Node version

npm-metadata-mirror Monitor NPM changes and keep an up-to-date mirror of modules metadata (not the whole data, i.e. including attachments info, but not attachments body)

php-unserialize tool to unserialize data taken from PHP. It can parse "serialize()" output, or even serialized sessions data.

punch-fix-utf8 This generator hook will help you fix broken encoding when you generated some non HTML text file (i.e. xml, json…)

punch-markdown-highlight Markdown parser with support for syntax highlighting

punch-rss-generator Punch plugin to help you generate your RSS file along with Punch blog content handler

punch-utf8-fix This generator hook will help you fix broken encoding when you generated some non HTML text file (i.e. xml, json…)

rc-cli Display configuration from merged rc-files (example: 'rc npm').

test-node-version ERROR: No file found!

twitter-timeline-cleaner CLI tool to help manage you cleanup your Twitter timeline with useful tools and stats

virtualhost Dispatch HTTP request to a handler depending on hostname

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