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assay make assertion functions into boolean tests

ast-hoist hoist your variables (and function declarations)

ast-replace-this change the this of code

binary-parse-stream Painless streaming binary protocol parsers using generators.

browserifymagic more magical browserify middleware.

brush a brush is remotely like a mustache except it isn't

brute minimalist rootfs building utilities (for initramfs and such)

cheerful the composition of cheerio and hyperquestionable

chemdata constructs Chemical objects from data from external sources

chemicaldata constructs Chemical objects from data from external sources

chemistry provides basic stuff for chemical calculations

component-coco Compile your Coco to JS automatically

compose-source-map compose one or more source maps

concur lightweight generator/promise utility

crazy-promise A promise that resolves with random delays for testing purposes.

damka server monitor

damka-changelog log changes of states of services on hosts in systems

desync wrap a synchronous function in an async one

domdone wait until the DOM is kind of done.

domthen promises for silly DOMRequest crap

dot-util dot('x') ~= function(obj) { return obj.x }

dotjs-zen dotjs. browserify. awesome!

esmap map over esprima nodes conveniently

fcomp function composition

find-anchor find the element an anchor refers to

flist walk through fs tree and find all the files.

force-secure force HTTPS connections to your app

friendlyquire wrap require to make package-root-relative requires nicer

fsobj Turn your filesystem hierarchy into an object.

fun-map a few functional utilities for pretending that JS objects are Clojure string maps.

futon command line futon

gchempaint2json convert gchempaint files to a JSON representation

gossip-object replicate an object with scuttlebutt

gotp simple RFC4226 TOTP

hyperquestionable request's questionable behaviour of aggregrating the body, on top of hyperquest

ircb IRC library which *I* like

jsdiff diff objects

lazify convenient wrapper for lazy promises

lazy-promise A bare-bones lazily-evaluated Promises/A+ implementation.

lazy-stream a simple lazy stream

lessdep figure out (LESS) CSS dependencies recursively, asynchronously.

lessmagic LESS CSS middleware.

level-promise Promise'd LevelUp.

level-sublevel-expose expose sublevels as db object properties

listen-url tells you the URL for your HTTP server

literally a function that literally just returns your value

load-image load an image asynchronously, promised.

magical magical middleware, bundled up just for you.

magical-cli small CLI util for node-magical

microdata a component for extracting HTML5 microdata in the browser

monotonic-timestamp-base36 monotonic string timestamps, base36. constant-length.

msgpack-unpack-stream a TransformStream that decodes msgpack

nullobj does its best to Object.create(null)

objbind bind all the functions on an object

objmap map over objects

objzip zip keys and values together into objects.

promize create fulfilled and rejected promises

protodict a reliable dictionary with prototypal inheritance.

quantity a package for easily interpreting physical quantities

randstring random strings

readable make buffers into something you can slice bytes off at will, for when a stream is too much.

redis-connector ERROR: No file found!

responsive-pixels Because web development shouldn’t require a calculator.

rotate-image rotate images in 90° increments

scroll-position get the current scrolling position of the browser window

serialport-stream serial ports as streams

snakeize recursively transform key strings from camel-case to underscore-style

sprom Convert node.js Streams into Promises

sproot spritesheet generator

stray-dict stray dictionary functions

stylus-fs Compile your Stylus to CSS easily

swab a swab is remotely like a mustache except it isn't

sync-fs Synchronous version of the node.js fs module.

then-fs promised FS

then-queue a simple asynchronous queue

trail check an array of search paths to find a file

trust-proxy trust the proxy for protocol and remote IP address

ttl-pool a pool of expiring things

universal-canvas small wrapper to use canvas across environments easily

when-every-item promise aggregation for arrays

when-every-key promise aggegation for objects

winston-irc an IRC transport for Winston

wob minimalist http server wrapper

xhr-json Promised JSON XHR.

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