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andbang-express-auth Dead simple And Bang auth middleware.

andyet-express-auth Dead simple &yet auth middleware.

ape API documentation generator with github-flavored-markdown output

att-express-auth Drop-in auth middleware for alpha-auth AT&T.

bucker super easy logging module

bumble A very simple blog

butils helper functions to make buffers faster

connect-githubhook a simple github post-receive hook implemented as connect middleware

connect-lazydb a connect session store using lazydb

connect-mysql a MySQL session store for connect

connect-simpleriak A simpleriak based session middleware for connect

getconfig Environment aware config reader that follows our conventions at &yet.

ghtoken a simple github token generation utility

git-gh git extensions for github

gitenforcer a small bot to monitor pull requests

githubhook a simple github post-receive hook

hapi-session A simpler session based auth plugin for Hapi

hapiconfig A wrapper for getconfig to be used as a hapi plugin

jschema a JSON-schema validation library

lazydb a lazy JSON based in-process data store

markitup a simple markdown to html converter with syntax highlighting

mkpasswd mkpasswd util for node, generates crypt(3) compatible hashes

moonboots A set of tools and conventions for building/serving clientside apps with node.js

mudskipper a resourceful routing plugin for hapi

passport-andyet passport plugin for andyet auth

pcheck simple tool to check for outdated packages

precommit-hook A useful pre-commit hook for git based projects that lints and runs npm test

protobuf.js a pure javascript protocol buffer encoding implementation, written specifically for riak

req a CLI for request

riakpbc RiakPBC is a low-level Riak 1.4 proto buffer client.

riakproto a proto2json conversion of riak's proto files

shippy Client for api

simplelua a wrapper for redis to provide simple lua script usage

simpleriak a very simple riak http client

simples3 A simple s3 library for node

verymodel-hapi Hapi integration tools for VeryModel

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