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convention Convert from err, success cbs to a single (err, results) cb, and back.

def-req Create request functions with your own defaults.

fishing Turn a promise into a stream or a stream into a promise.

flates Simple functions to build html strings.

fn-pasta Functional Pasta ================

gen-pasta A collection of general functions that I have found myself copy pastaing around.

gol Take an array of x, y living cells and return the next generation.

hello-hacker Hello Hacker is a web based program for playing with a 5x5 led grid using JavaScript! It also includes an emulator so you can try it without the hardware. Great for experimenters of all ages.

http-pasta HTTP Pasta ==========

install-keys Install your ssh pub keys from github.

mid =============================================================================== Mid.js ===============================================================================

outside Expose the dedicated worker api as a duplex stream for use inside the worker.

pasta A collection of functions that I have found myself copy pastaing around.

prefab Prefab a new project.

stream-cb Wrap streams in callbacks and callbacks in streams.

wiki Federated Wiki

wiki-client Federated Wiki - Client-side Javascript

wiki-plugin-activity Federated Wiki - Activity Plug-in

wiki-plugin-bars Federated Wiki - Activity Plug-in

wiki-plugin-bytebeat Federated Wiki - Bytebeat Plug-in

wiki-plugin-calculator Federated Wiki - Calculator Plug-in

wiki-plugin-calendar Federated Wiki - Calendar Plug-in

wiki-plugin-changes Federated Wiki - Changes Plug-in

wiki-plugin-chart Federated Wiki - Chart Plug-in

wiki-plugin-code Federated Wiki - Code Plug-in

wiki-plugin-data Federated Wiki - Data Plug-in

wiki-plugin-efficiency Federated Wiki - Efficiency Plug-in

wiki-plugin-factory Federated Wiki - Factory Plug-in

wiki-plugin-favicon Federated Wiki - Favicon Plug-in

wiki-plugin-federatedwiki Federated Wiki - FederatedWiki Plug-in

wiki-plugin-force Federated Wiki - Force Plug-in

wiki-plugin-future Federated Wiki - Future Plug-in

wiki-plugin-image Federated Wiki - Image Plug-in

wiki-plugin-line Federated Wiki - Line Plug-in

wiki-plugin-linkmap Federated Wiki - Linkmap Plug-in

wiki-plugin-logwatch Federated Wiki - Log Watch Plug-in

wiki-plugin-map Federated Wiki - Map Plug-in

wiki-plugin-mathjax Federated Wiki - MathJax Plug-in

wiki-plugin-metabolism Federated Wiki - Metabolism Plug-in

wiki-plugin-method Federated Wiki - Method Plug-in

wiki-plugin-pagefold Federated Wiki - Pagefold Plug-in

wiki-plugin-paragraph Federated Wiki - Paragraph Plug-in

wiki-plugin-parse Federated Wiki - Parse Plug-in

wiki-plugin-pushpin Federated Wiki - Push Pin Plug-in

wiki-plugin-radar Federated Wiki - Radar Plug-in

wiki-plugin-reduce Federated Wiki - Reduce Plug-in

wiki-plugin-reference Federated Wiki - Reference Plug-in

wiki-plugin-report Federated Wiki - Report Plug-in

wiki-plugin-rollup Federated Wiki - Rollup Plug-in

wiki-plugin-scatter Federated Wiki - Scatter Plug-in

wiki-plugin-twadio Federated Wiki - Twadio Plug-in

wiki-plugin-txtzyme Federated Wiki - Txtzyme Plug-in

wiki-server A Federated Wiki Server

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