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alphaproject angel script for generation of alpha projects

angelabilities A collection of angel abilities.

angelscripts ## help List all angel commands currently attached

angelscripts-cellcmds ## cell Treat any application as cell and provide support for its process management locally or remote.

angelscripts-generate angel script for generation of projects using directory or repository as template

angelscripts-nodeapps ## app Daemonize applications with suppot for retrieving their status and to persist their output.

angelscripts-servicer Create nodejs apps as services using simple angel command

img2style img2style =========

organic node-organic ============

organic-alchemy Collection of helper methods for reactions within http and websocket context

organic-angel Simple as task runner, however with extra-ordinary abilities, `angel` is a command line assistant.

organic-bundlecode * code - String

organic-bundlestyle * `cwd` - Object

organic-cells organic-cells ===============

organic-dirtransform ERROR: No file found!

organic-expresshttpactions The Organelle is responsible for mounting Http Routes to the express app wrapped by ExpressHttpServer organelle or any other implementation providing the same interface.

organic-expressserver The organelle wraps expressjs server []( v3.x.x

organic-httpserver The organelle wraps core httpServer implementation.

organic-imgsizer ERROR: No file found!

organic-logger The organelle provides ondemand utilities supporting console logging (`console.log`)

organic-socketioactions The Organelle is responsible for mounting Web Socket Message Handlers to the socketio wrapped by WebSocketServer organelle or any other implementation providing the same interface.

organic-socketioserver The organelle wraps [socketio]( server v0.9.x

organic-webapp organic-webapp ==============

organic-webcell organic-webcell ===============

resolve-array-overrides var resolveArrayOverrides = require("resolve-array-overrides") var DNA = require("organic").DNA var dna = new DNA({ "default": { "value": [1, 2, 3, 4] }, "mode": { "default": { "value": [{ "$unshift": 0 }, { "$push": 5 }] } } }) resolveArrayOverrides(dna, "mode") expect(dna.default.value[0]).toBe(0) expect(dna.default.value[5]).toBe(5) // 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

servicer ERROR: No file found!

shellreactions-exec child_process.exec wrapper as reaction with additional abilities:

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