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accountant Double Entry Accounting

brot Color Mandelbrot in CLI

dt Dates and Times

edgar SEC Edgar database API

express-forgot-password Express Forgotton Password sub-app

go-strider test go with strider

goggles Peek at images from the command line

ical A tolerant, minimal icalendar parser

ism Turn-based multiplayer nation building strategy game

jelly-proxy Proxy that adds a payload to html pages

live-table Like cli-table, but alive

mclean Ship Containers

opencv Node Bindings to OpenCV

qrcode.js QR Code Detection / Decoding / Generation

run-qunit Run QUnit in the browser and get the results reported back in Node

scriptTools General utilities for node.js scripts, such as command line argument parsing and config loading

strider Brilliant continuous deployment platform

strider-custom Support for custom prepare, test and deploy phases in Strider

strider-jelly Strider Jelly-proxy plugin

strider-node Run Nodejs tests in Strider

xor xor buffers

yammerterm Yammer CLI tool using node.js

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