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alfred In-process key-value store

banzai Library for creating document processing pipelines

banzai-couchdb-store CouchDB plugin module for Banzai document store.

banzai-docstore-couchdb CouchDB plugin module for Banzai document store.

banzai-redis Redis queueing plugin module for Banzai

banzai-statestore-couchdb CouchDB plugin module for Banzai state store.

banzai-statestore-mem Plugin module for Banzai state store. Mainly used for testing.

batch-write-stream Batch Object Write Stream

benchmark-tests Testing 123

boxed-emitter Namespacing events

bubble Domains for the poor man. Flow-control for cascading callbacks. Error handling. Aborts groups of callbacks. With timeouts.

buzzard Buzzard Protocol implementation

carrier Evented stream line reader for node.js

crp-job-client CrowdProcess Job Client

depending Find out which modules depend on a given module

domain-id Assigns an id to a domain

domain-interceptor Domain events notifier

domain-observer Observe events happening inside a domain

domain-trace-stream Domain IO Tracing

duplex-emitter Duplex Event Emitter

emitter-in-stream Attaches an event emitter to a stream, removing all listeners when stream ends

essential Streaming all the way down

fake-queue Simple in-memory queue

flatware-cookie-parser Cookie Parser middleware for Flatiron.js

flatware-method-override ERROR: No file found!

flatware-session Session Middleware for Flatiron.js.

frequency-meter Measures event frequency

fugue Unicorn for node A github based, open source documentation solution

kinect Experimental!!!!

konphyg Cascading configuration files made easy in Node.js.

level-jobs Job Queue in LevelDB

level-net-client Node.js client for level-net-server

level-net-server LevelDB database exposed as a TCP server

level-vectorclock Vector Clocks in LevelDB

level-writestream LevelUP Write Stream compatible with streams2

lxjs-twitter-raffle LXJS Twitter Raffle

middle Combining two streams

moving-average Exponential Moving Average

mturk Amazon Mechanical Turk API wrapper for Node

nano minimalistic couchdb driver for node.js

nock HTTP Server mocking for Node.js

openni OpenNI bindings in Node.js.

openni-browser Server <-> Browser bridge for OpenNI skeleton.

peer-emitter acknowledgeable events

percent-message-signing sign and verify messages exchanged with percent

pipeline Building stream chains

propagate Propagate events

riak-pb Riak Protocol Buffers Client

riak-pb-model Riak Protocol Buffers Model Builder

riak-repl Riak + JavaScript REPL

sax-pausable An evented streaming XML parser in JavaScript. Pausable

smartos-image-server Serve SmartOS images

speed-meter Stream Speed Meter

switch-emitter Events with recipient address

verbose Distributed Event Bus

woosh parse and transform streaming html using css selectors in a composable way

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