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abstract-store a module to abstract key/value storage away from the underlying technology

asterisk-manager A node.js module for interacting with the Asterisk Manager API.

basic-server a full featured express based server that can function as a good base for your Node/Express based web-project

bunyon cleaner than bunyan

domain-async run things concurrently in domains

ensure-https A mini HTTP-Server that redirects to HTTPS

fsevents Native Access to Mac OS-X FSEvents

http-unchunk-stack A filter that buffers an HTTP-Response (if TE is chunked), resets the TE header and sets the Content-Length

labourator simple node worker processes

loadexten A flexible extension loader

macadamia a simple even more unoppinionated replacement for express

mdgram Provide UDP-Multicast Sockets

mongo-simple A much simpler interface to mongodb

otp OTP utility for Google Authenticator

pea a very simple promise like library

pistachio Amazingly fast and flexible JS Templating

qrpng Quickly create a QR-Code PNG in pure JavaScript

runt the better build system

salesforce A node.js module for interaction with the SFDC REST API.

seic A basic setup module for an Express Server with SPDY and Socket.IO support that is clustered

simple-csv Read CSV from a stream

simple-logging simple logging mechanism

spdy-proxy A proxy you can use to enable SPDY for your site

suckstream Suck a stream into a buffer (for node <0.10.x and >=0.10.x

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