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atavist Markdown site generator.

capishe Utilities for building APIs in express.

casper Helpers and handlers for building APIs in express.

cdnjs Search and URL retrieval from cdnjs

cdnjs-transform Extract assets to make CDNjs's packages useful.

dirty-store A quick and dirty, nestable store that converts well to a native JS object.

distra A vhost proxy doodad thing.

file-db Document database that uses directories and files to store its data, supporting nested key-value objects in named collections

flight-static-analysis Static analysis tool for event-driven JavaScript.

hide-key Shortcut for `defineProperty` with `enumerable: false`.

html-store ERROR: No file found!

instaname Instant name generation.

jkl utils for jekyll stuff

jsbp Boilerplates for Javascript projects

json-stream-inspect Inspect a JSON stream.

json-stream-server Serves JSON you pipe to it.

json-stream-socket Stream JSON from stdin through a websocket.

mdrender ERROR: No file found!

mdtree ERROR: No file found!

mdware Serve Markdown documents as static content. Based on Nate Silva's node-docserver.

nano-uid A very small speakable id generator.

node-phys Top-down physics simulation

npm-release Tiny tool for releasing npm modules.

npm-release-test ERROR: No file found!

phoxy Web-hacking proxy

post-entity Extract entities and text from a post (tweet, status etc)

post-split Split a post (status, tweet) up into human-readable strings of a set length.

pulldown-resolve Resolve URLs, aliases and sets for pulldown.

serviceworker Prototype implementation and polyfill for the ServiceWorker spec.

stream-inspect Inspect your stream

strpath Access JSON properties using a dot-delimited path.

textmap 2D map rendering in text!

tree-watch Write path of all matching files to stdout, and again when they change or when new files are added. Yep, another file watcher.

vectiny very tiny 2D vectors

z-index-rewrite Rewrite z-index values to be more manageable.

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