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bilby Serious functional programming library for JavaScript

brushtail JS AST rewriter for tail call elimination

daggy Library for creating tagged constructors.

emu Simple documentation generator.

fantasy-cofrees Cofree comonad structure.

fantasy-combinators Common combinators.

fantasy-eithers Either data structure.

fantasy-identities Identity data structure.

fantasy-io IO control structure.

fantasy-land Specification for interoperability of common algebraic structures in JavaScript

fantasy-lenses Composable, immutable getters and setters.

fantasy-options Option data structure.

fantasy-promises Fantasy Land compatible monadic promises

fantasy-readers Reader control structure.

fantasy-sorcery Common functions to work on Fantasy Land compatible structures.

fantasy-states State control structure.

fantasy-stores Store control structure.

fantasy-tuples Tuple data structures.

fantasy-validations Validation data structure.

fo Overloaded operators for Fantasy Land compatible JavaScript.

grumble Default tasks for testing and packaging with Grunt.

precog Client for Precog, a cloud-based analytics platform.

rephrase Rewrite rules for JavaScript.

roy Small functional language that compiles to JavaScript

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