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api A server framework for easy routing

append append the properties from one object to another

atomize create atom feeds in js

bake static file bakery

bread file based cms/blog engine without backend

charenc character encoding utilities

clone deep cloning of objects and arrays

Comments utilities for building a comment server for your website

confdir manage module specific configuration files in their own directory

crypt utilities for encryption and hashing

dive walk through directory trees and apply an action to every file

diveSync walk through directory trees and apply an action on every file (synchronous dive)

esc escapes HTML

git-wrapper a wrapper around the git executable

Index bakes index files, feeds and tag pages for websites

isodate JavaScript ISO 8601 date/time parser

jsml Appendable sequences of JSON documents

md Yet another fast and flexible markdown parser

MD5 native js function for hashing messages with MD5

numpad padding for numbers

opinions static git-powered comment module for node

pdc a pandoc wrapper for node

props extract json/yaml from the beginning of text files

pub A command line tool for customizable content management

read-files Asynchronously reads an array of files and returns their contents.

reg A registry for documents

seek search through a bunch of files

Set sets in javascript

sha1 native js function for hashing messages with SHA-1

tpl a general purpose template cli

wup tiny webserver for fast tests

yamlprompt A prompt that asks for yaml input

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