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bigger-than-a-smile Firefoxes practice smiling with npm

bulk-hogan Produces html from some view object by rendering it via some mustache implementation.

dcrp Dynamically Configurable Reverse Proxy

diff-hrtime Computes the difference between two process.hrtime [sec, nanosec] pairs

emport A module-like system for stiching together browser-side javascript (and coffeescript) files

fun-chain Chain together a list of functions

fun-chain-dispatch HTTP dispatch functions to use with fun-chain

ghstyles Apply github styles to some html

have-files-changed Check if the mtime on a list of files has changed

local-tld-tool CLI tool to configure local-tld

make-change Javascript solution to classic interview problem

md-view Quickly preview a markdown file with github's aesthetic

md-workflow Wokflow tool for building and previewing a markdown doc

message-ports Sockets from the future. A friendly API over the node ZeroMQ (zmq) bindings

mp-command Command line utility for Message Ports

mp-logger A Message Ports based logger

ms-logger A Message Socket based logger

packagify Convert a module file to module package

reload-browser Reload the browser from the command line

rld Reload the frontmost browser tab

scriptagify Wrap a js bundle in a script tag

seq-id Get (and set) a sequential (and unique) id for a given object

wach Run a command when a file add/update event occurs

wachdir Watch dir, print full paths of files that change

webpager Pipes html from stdin into a browser tab

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