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by-shim Fork of Raynos/by

class-list-shim Fork of Raynos/class-list compatible with IE8

delegation Implements event delegation.

docgenerator docgenerator ===

dom-append Quickly append DOM elements to other.

dom-create Quickly create DOM elements.

dom-essentials Everything ready to deal with the DOM.

dom-listeners DOM listeners made easy

dom-manipulations Makes DOM manipulations easy.

foreach-shim Shims Array.prototype.forEach in legacy browsers.

indexof-shim Shims the indexOf method

iter-shims Shims the iterator methods

matches-selector-shim Shim for matchesSelector in IE8

modules-loader Loads module according to defined rules.

modules-weight Stores modules with specified weight and orders them.

ncore Core library for your application

newerror Create Error subclasses without sweating it.

or Returns an element from an array when it matches a condition

tartempion The web framework for people who like to eat some pie.

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