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add Add two numbers

after after - tiny flow control

airlock A prober to probe HTTP based backends for health

all-files Find all files in directory recursively synchronously

append-only Append only scuttlebutt structure

append-to A base for appendable widget

arch A small toolkit-framework

array-stream Convert a stream to an array

arrow-keys A stream of arrow keys

assert-tap Assert module but outputs TAP

attribute Stream that updates attributes on elements

auth-stream Authorize access before exposing a stream

batched Async chaining sugar. Turn async methods into a batch

bindAll bind all the functions to an object

body Body parsing

boot An automatic reconnect mux-demux-shoe

browser-log A dead simple logger for the browser

browser-tz Timezone specific manipulation of datetime strings

browserify-server Browserify bundling + static server in one!

buffer-stream A duplex stream that buffers writes

build-changelog A CLI to auto-generate a deploy ready changelog

by Select elements by class or id or tag

cache-dir An ES6 map-like cache with file-based backing

cache-redis An ES6 Map-like cache with redis backing

cached-events Cache an Event Emitter

cached-operation Cache an asynchronous operation

chain-stream Chain stream operations together

class-list A cross browser class list

cli-less unix less in pure node

clientmongo MongoDB proxy for clientside

colingo-ngen Package generator (structure, changelogs, tests, package.json, etc)

common-ancestor Find the common ancestor of multiple DOM nodes

compiled-files statically serve compiled files with gzip & cache

composite compose functions

console-browserify Emulate console for all the browsers

console-stream A writable stream that writes to the console

contains Check whether a DOM element is contained by another one

content-types handle multiple content types

continuable Idea for callbacks as values

continuable-cache Cache a continuable

continuable-generators Experimental usage of generators for continuables

continuable-hash Turn a hash of continuables into a continuable containing a hash of values

continuable-list Turn an array of continuables into a continuable containing an array

continuable-mongo A thin mongo wrapper which exposes mongodb as continuables

contract A design by contract library

corsify CORS up a route handler

data-channel Turn a data channel into a stream

data-set Element#dataset abstraction

date-now A requirable version of

deep-merge Deep merge objects with custom merging logic

DelegateListener delegate listener like jQuery.delegate, but with semo additional stuff

delta-stream Emit deltas in change over a stream

details Create and emulate html5 details tag

discovery-network A peer to peer discovery network in the cloud

distributed-map A distributed key value store in the browser

doc-test Examples are tests!

dom-delegator Decorate elements with delegated events

dom-walk iteratively walk a DOM node

dom-widget Sugar to create a widget

duplexer Creates a duplex stream

element Create's DOMElement from a string

element-list A splice stream that renders a list of elements

end-stream A stream that ends after computation finishes Make a valid node stream

error Custom errors

event-log An append only event log with streaming support

event-sinks create a set of sinks for events

event-type-list A reducible list abstraction with access to current state

evented-repository Repository interface for noSQL database

eventemitter-light Tiny event emitter

events-stream A stream of DOM events

eventual-stream Promise to give back a readable stream later

examplifier TODO: Better name

execute Execute commands in parallel

expiry-model A scuttlebutt model that expires keys

facebook-notification Send notifications to facebook

fcombine function utility library

file-store Store data in a file

fixtures-fs Create a temporary fs with JSON fixtures

flatten-prototypes Flatten out an objects prototypes into a single flat object

for-each A better forEach

for-each-stream Call an iterator for each chunk in the stream

form-data-set Extract form data from a hash of elements

form-stream A delta stream which emits deltas from form elements

fragment document fragment builder

from-source Generate a stream from a source

frontend-framework Building frontend apps with small modules

function-bind Implementation of function.prototype.bind

ga-browserify Browserify compliant version of google analytics

generators Transpile a subset of ES6 generators into ES6

gens Experimental usage of generators for continuables

geval An implementation of an event

global Require global variables

global-scope Require global variables

graphics Efficient data structures that represent renderable scenes

hash-router A frontend router for the hash change event

hidden Cross browser Element#hidden

html-delegator Decorate elements with delegated events

html5-history A npm friendly version of history.js

html5-router A uri router backed by html5 history api

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