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html5-router A uri router backed by html5 history api

http-framework A web framework based purely on `require('http')`

http-methods Handle multiple methods elegantly

http-stream Turn a HTTP server into a stream

idb-wrapper A cross-browser wrapper for IndexedDB

immutable-hash An immutable hash structure with delta journaling

in-order Asynchronously operate over an array in order

incremental-map-reduce incremental map reduce function for mongodb

indexedStore small indexedDB abstraction that fixes the API

individual Garantueed individual values

insert DOM insertion library

insert-stream Output stream for DOM insertion

introspect-reduce introspect the state of a reducible

invoker invoke abstraction for reducible

is-object Checks whether a value is an object

iterate-files iterate all the files

iterators iterate over collections in sync & async

json-globals Embed JSON in a page as temporary global data

jsonml-dom A DOM serializer for jsonml

jsonml-forms A set of functions to generate form elements

jsonml-stringify Convert jsonml arrays to html strings

lazy-concat-map-stream Wrap a stream with concat mapdashery

lazy-concat-stream Combine multiple readable streams into one

lazy-filter-stream Wrap a stream with a filtering

lazy-flatten-stream Flatten a stream of streams into a single stream

lazy-map-stream Wrap a stream with a mapping

lazy-reduce-stream Wrap a stream with a reduction

lazy-reductions-stream Wrap a stream with a reduction

lazynode lazily call an upnode server

level-cache An in memory cache on top of leveldb

level-delete-range Delete a range of keys in leveldb

level-encoding Encoding functions for leveldb libraries

level-livefeed Live query a range in leveldb

level-write-stream A writeStream implementation for leveldb

levelidb A levelup interface on top of indexeddb

live-reload A live reload server & client

local-store A localStorage based store with name spacing

loggly-console Loggly wrapper for console.log

main-loop A rendering loop for diffable UIs

map-async Asynchronously map over a list

map-sync [].map but better!

mapping-stream Turn an asynchronous function into a through stream

media-types handle multiple media types

memory-store Session store in memory

mercury A truly modular frontend framework

min-document A minimal DOM implementation

mixpanel-browserify A browserify compliant version of mixpanel JS client

mock Load a module with it's require's mocked out

mongo-client No bullshit mongo wrapper

mongo-col mongoDB collection wrapper

mongo-store Session store backed by mongodb

mongo-stream Streaming interface to mongo

multi-channel-mdm Create multiple channels using mdm

multi-channel-shoe Create multiple channels using shoe

mux-demux-logger Intercept mdm streams and log them

mux-demux-net Generate TCP servers that serve MDM streams

mux-demux-shoe A mux demux connection through shoe!

mux-memo A memoized mux-demux stream connection

ncore Core library for your application

node-communities Get the authors from node communities

node-env Just require the NODE_ENV environmental variable

nodecomposite NodeComposite operations for DOM nodes

not Returns the negation of a function

npm-less Fix LESS to import a la node require algorithm

npm-proj Custom scaffold an npm project

npm-shrinkwrap A consistent shrinkwrap tool

npm-used See with modules are used the most

npmify Publish code on NPM REAL FAST

nstart Project creation and publishing

observ A observable value representation

observ-array An array containing observable values

observ-hash An object with observable key value pairs

observable A function as representation of a trackable mutable value.

ordered Insert DOM elements into a container in order

pd an ES5 / OO utility

peer-connection A nicer peer connection api

peer-connection-network network of peer connections

peer-connection-pool Pool of peer connections

peer-connection-shim Emulating peer connection in node & browser

peer-nodes A replicated list of peers

pipe-stream A function that pipes streams

point-generator Generate points if screen is empty

polyphonic join-calculus as async flow control

populate Populate DOM elements with data

presence Presence information for rooms of people persisted in crdt

promise-stream A Promises/A implementation based on streams

proxy-stream Create a wrapped stream

pubnub-browserify Browserify compatible version of pubnub

pubnub-stream Thin stream abstraction on top of pubnub

push-queue A simple async queue to do an action one at a time

raynos-calendar Calendar component

raynos-ngen Package generator (structure, changelogs, tests, package.json, etc)

raynos-testem Test'em 'scripts! Javascript Unit testing made easy.

raynos-testling write tests for browser code

re-emitter Re emit events from another emitter

read-stream Base class for readable streams

read-write-stream Base stream class for RW stream

ready-signal A ready signal. Wait for ready and signal it's ready

recurse-stream A functionally recursive pull stream

redirecter Easy redirection

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