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relay-server Server used to relay deltas

replaying Create an object and replay it's methods

request-animation-frame2 Request animation frame shim because IE.

request-proxy A version of request that's local to a fixed base uri

require-fresh Ensure require stays fresh for an entire directory

resourceful-mongo resourceful mongodb engine

route-filter A filter function that acts as a router

routes Minimalist route matching for javascript

routes-router Simplest router possible

routil gently manipulate req and res

routil-body Body parsing

routil-contenttypes handle multiple content types

routil-cookie set and get cookies

routil-encoding handle multiple encodings

routil-mediatypes handle multiple media types

routil-methods Handle multiple methods elegantly

routil-send send data through response

routil-session Session handling for routil

routil-static Serve static files

safe-json-parse Parse JSON safely without throwing

screen Create a screen to track relative positions

seaport-proxy Seaport in the browser!

seaport-stream Create streams over seaport

selectron Keep track of the currently selected thing

send-data send data through response

serve-browserify HTTP handler for serving browserify bundles

signaal A representation of values over time

signal-channel A signal channel that empowers webrtc

signal-channel-server Static server for signal channel

snapshot-reduce Incrementally reduce an event-log into a snapshot view of those events

sockjs-stream A streaming API for sockjs

some-sync [].some but awesome!

sorted-list Render a reducible of sorted lists

source-stream A inverted stream that handles source

spells-demo-app Demonstration application for no DOM

splice-stream Stream changes to an array

split-every split a list in length-n pieces

srt Parse srt subtitle files

stream-router Easy router for routing streams

stream-server A stream server in the browser

stream-store Storage API for streams

streams2 Wrap a 0.8 stream into a streams2 stream

submissions stream of submission events for form controls

suitestack simplified unit testing

suitestack-reporter A reporter for suitestack

svg Create svg elements from a string

tap-render A readable stream of TAP output

tape-continuable A version of tape that accepts continuables

tape-generators Tape but with generator functions

templar-hogan hogan.js support for templar

test-server Easy testing of a HTTP server

testem-node Connect to testem and run node tests

testem-testling-adapter Adapt testling into testem

tester a unit testing utility

text-node A delta stream which writes to text nodes

through-stream Base stream class for through RW stream

time-mock Easily manipulate and mock out time in your tests

timezone-compute A timezone library with timezone conversion functions

to-array Turn an array like into an array

topology Different network topologies

track-event Track events to multiple destinations

transform-stream Turn an asynchronous function into a through stream

uber-ngen Package generator (structure, changelogs, tests, package.json, etc)

uncaught-exception Handle uncaught exceptions

unpack-element unpack an element's children based on their id

unpack-html Unpack html source into elements

valid-schema Validate objects against schemas

validate-form Simple functional form validation

value-event Create DOM event handlers that write to sinks

vdom-event Add dom-delegator events to your vdom tree

vdom-thunk A thunk optimization for virtual-dom

virtual-hyperscript A DSL for creating virtual trees

vows-fluent A fluent chaining API on top of vows

vows-is A vows topic utility

weakmap-shim A minimal weakmap shim

webrtc-stream Stream video and audio

whatwg-streams An implementation of the whatwg/streams spec

widget-list Turn input into a list of widgets

write-html Write HTML in parts, <head> first, <body> later

write-stream Base class for writable streams

xhr small xhr abstraction

xtend extend like a boss

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