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adder interpolating adder

argue Describes signature of arguments passed to a function.

ascii-art-reverse reverses ascii art. caution, uses magic.

cache-money-flow LRU cache with locking

confrodo Configuration loader

double-under Shared Object

ees error enhancement suite

express-lrp express long running process

goodies Native object extension goodies.

hostess async by depencency

mod-exp modular exponentiation

mongoose-divide-and-conquer divide and conquer mongoose collections

optimus Cluster Manager

pika-queue PikaQueue provides a simple abstraction to managing job queues in redis.

sieve Sieve of Eratosthenes

sms-address Get the email address to send SMS messages to based on number and carrier.

spigot process jobs at a certain concurrency rate

stewardess serial async flow control

waitress Simple flow control for multiple parallel async calls.

winston-express Express middleware to let you use winston from the browser.

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