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bootware Drop Bootstrap builds into your Node.js app. Just provide a git:// url and you're all set.

deployd the simplest way to build realtime APIs for web and mobile apps

doh upgrade any http(s) server with error handling via domains

dpd-assets ERROR: No file found!

dpd-email This custom resource type allows you to send an email to your users.

dpd-event ERROR: No file found!

dpd-express run express as a dpd resource

dpd-importer import mongo collections into your deployd app

dpdc client lib for deployd server eval python in node

hive MVC for modern web and mobile apps

loopback LoopBack: Open Mobile Platform for Node.js

loopback-clients A collection of client SDK implementations for the LoopBack framework.

loopback-connector-mongodb LoopBack MongoDB Connector

loopback-connector-mysql MySQL connector for loopback-datasource-juggler

loopback-connector-oracle Loopback Oracle Connector

loopback-connector-postgresql Loopback PostgreSQL Connector

loopback-connector-rest Loopback REST Connector

loopback-connector-soap LoopBack SOAP Web Services Connector

loopback-datasource-juggler LoopBack DataSoure Juggler

loopback-explorer Browse and test your LoopBack app's APIs

loopback-oracle-installer Loopback Oracle Binary Installer

loopback-push-notification Loopback Push Notification

loopback-storage-service Loopback Storage Service

loopback-testing Utilities for testing LoopBack applications

loopback-workspace A library and server implementation for managing Loopback Projects.

mdoq Middleware style development for clients

mdoq-http middleware based http client for node and the browser

mdoq-mongodb simplified mongodb-native api with middleware

obju Simple yet powerful extension to JavaScript's Object.prototype.

paths Simple $PATH management for OSX in nodejs

s3-bucket-resource ERROR: No file found!

scrubber walk the entire object graph of any given object and modify it as you go

sl-config-loader recursively load config files

sl-module-loader separate your app into modules loaded by config files

sl-task-emitter Perform an unknown number of tasks recursively and in parallel.

sls-sample-app LoopBack Sample Application

strong-cli StrongLoop command line interface

strong-config-loader recursively load config files

strong-generator StrongLoop code generator

strong-module-loader separate your app into modules loaded by config files

strong-oracle Oracle database driver

strong-remoting StrongLoop Remoting Module

strong-task-emitter Perform an unknown number of tasks recursively and in parallel.

symbox Simplifies symlinking folders in Dropbox

validation simple validation functions

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