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celles Small FRP library

cruder CRUD for express and mongoose.

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grunt-coffee-coverage JSCoverage-style instrumentation for CoffeeScript files.

kantaina Wonderful asynchronous DI container based on promises.

lcs Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm Implementation

mlcs Multiple Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm Implementation

stylus-responsive Responsive mixin for stylus

symfio Modular framework based on Node.js and kantaina.

symfio-contrib-assets Compile and serve assets from public directory.

symfio-contrib-auth Authentication plugin. Uses tokens.

symfio-contrib-bower Bower plugin for Symfio.

symfio-contrib-cruder Cruder plugin for Symfio.

symfio-contrib-express Express plugin for Symfio.

symfio-contrib-express-logger Express requests logger.

symfio-contrib-fixtures Load fixtures to database from fixtures directory.

symfio-contrib-mongoose Mongoose plugin for Symfio.

symfio-contrib-nconf Read configuration from config.json and save it into container.

symfio-contrib-nodemailer Email sender plugin.

symfio-contrib-uncaught-exception Uncaught exception plugin.

symfio-contrib-uploads Handle file uploading.

symfio-contrib-winston Winston plugin for Symfio.

symfio-suite Test suite for Symfio plugins.

tio console player

xspf XSPF async parser

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