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appgen A toolkit for building multiple versions of the same app.

chartaca-events Simple real-time event tracker

gex Glob expressions for JavaScript

infinitas distributed scheduling system with flexible persistence

jsonic A JSON parser that isn't strict.

mstring Multi-line strings module for node.js

nid Nice clean-mouthed random id generation, without any swearing!

node-logentries A winston-compatible wrapper library for the service

nodezoo nodezoo

norma A function argument organizer

npm-version-verify-test npm-version-verify-test =======================

object-tree lookup js objects values from a flat structure

parambulator A simple way to generate nice error messages for named parameters.

patrun A fast pattern matcher on JavaScript object properties.

request-arguments-parser retrieve express request arguments whether they are in GET, POST or JSON body params

rolling-stats Rolling statistics

seneca A Micro-Services Framework for Node.js

seneca-account Seneca account management plugin

seneca-admin Administration plugin for Seneca deployments

seneca-auth User authentication plugin for the seneca module.

seneca-cache In-memory caching plugin for seneca

seneca-cart Shopping cart

seneca-cms Seneca CMS module

seneca-crypto-sign microservice for signing information (both HMAC and pub/priv key signing)

seneca-data-editor Seneca data editor plugin

seneca-dynamo-store An Amazon DynamoDB database layer for Seneca MVP framework.

seneca-elasticsearch elasticsearch plugin for seneca

seneca-engage Handle web visitor engagements

seneca-facebook-auth facebook auth plugin for seneca-auth

seneca-fieldmap Seneca fieldmap plugin

seneca-github-auth github auth plugin for seneca-auth

seneca-google-auth google auth plugin for seneca-auth

seneca-hapi plugin seneca services into hapi.js

seneca-heart seneca-heart ============

seneca-jsonfile-store Seneca data store plugin that uses plain JSON files

seneca-jsonrest-api A HTTP JSON REST API for Seneca entities

seneca-kafka-transport Seneca Kafka transport

seneca-ldap-store Seneca LDAP Store

seneca-level-store Seneca leveldb store

seneca-linkedin-auth linkedin auth plugin for seneca-auth

seneca-mail Seneca email plugin

seneca-memcached memcached plugin for seneca

seneca-memcached-cache memcached plugin for seneca

seneca-mongo-store Seneca data store plugin for MongoDB

seneca-mysql-store MySQL database layer for Seneca framework

seneca-pay Seneca payment plugin

seneca-perm Seneca permissions plugin

seneca-postgres-store Seneca data store plugin for PostgreSQL

seneca-postgresql-store Seneca data store plugin for PostgreSQL

seneca-postmark-mail Seneca email plugin

seneca-project Seneca project business logic

seneca-redis-cache Redis caching plugin for seneca

seneca-redis-store Redis storage layer for Seneca framework

seneca-salestax seneca plugin to calculate sales taxes

seneca-settings User settings plugin for Seneca

seneca-shard-store Sharding for Seneca

seneca-sqlite-store SQLite database layer for Seneca framework

seneca-store-test Standard test cases for seneca stores

seneca-stripe-pay Stripe pay strategy for the Seneca payment plugin

seneca-transport Seneca transport

seneca-twitter-auth twitter auth plugin for seneca-auth

seneca-user User management plugin for the seneca module.

seneca-vcache versioned caching plugin for seneca

seneca-web A plugin that provides HTTP functionality for the Seneca framework.

seneca-workflow workflow plugin for seneca

sharder Generate 128 bits keys and resolve them to shards

simpledb An Amazon AWS SimpleDB library for Node.js that is user-friendly and fault-tolerant

sonic workflow engine

success Success/failure handler for Node.js callbacks

tagx Tag utility module

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