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appstrap This probably already exists in NPM somewhere, but I want this module for a cage match I'm going into

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primo Core engine for PrimoJS

primo-animation Animation component for PrimoJS

primo-audio Sound engine for the primojs suite

primo-boundary Lock an entity to a boundary, component for PrimoJS

primo-camera Camera system on top of canvas for PrimoJS

primo-canvas Offscreen canvas for PrimoJS

primo-core Core engine for PrimoJS

primo-counter Counter module for measuring the average time of a specific event

primo-events Eventing infrastructure for PrimoJS

primo-lumber Encode a pile of files into base64

primo-menu Basic menu system for PrimoJS

primo-physics Documentation forthcoming

primo-rigidbody Rudimentary 2D physics component for PrimoJS

primo-spritemap Spritemap module for HTML5 canvas and PrimoJS

primo-text Attach text to an entity in PrimoJS

primo-timer A timer class for keeping a consistent logical frame-rate in JS based games

primo-ui A very basic overlay manager for PrimoJS

primo-utils utils for the primo engine

swallow A resource manager for delivering and reading content in browser-based games, work in progress

zombify Go to the githubs

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