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asynchronize Make synchronous functions look asynchronous

chic Chic is an extremely simple class-like interface to JavaScript prototypal inheritance

chic-event Chic Event is simple object-oriented event system for JavaScript

conifer A multi-format, file-based configuration library for Node.

cosy-js A cosy little library.

each-module Execute a function on each module in a directory

er A simple set of custom error classes.

express-ctrl A light wrapper, providing a controller-like interface to Express routing

hubot-dogeme Wow. Such Doge

jemima A naïve little (puddle) duck typing library.

joblint Test tech job specs for issues with sexism, culture, expectations, and recruiter fails.

mocha-srv Bundle node tests and serve them up for running in-browser

pa11y pa11y is your automated accessibility testing pal

pa11y-reporter-rainbows Rainbow reporter for Pa11y

pa11y-webservice pa11y-webservice provides scheduled accessibility reports for multiple URLs

pa11y-webservice-client-node pa11y-webservice-client-node is a Node.js client library for pa11y-webservice

pledge A pretty little validation library for your browser and server.

proclaim A simple assertion library for server and client side JavaScript

thingme Build web-services for finding and randomizing things

tweet-baker Bake entities into your tweets; turning text plus entities into beautiful, customisable HTML.

twimo Twimo =====

upcast Upcast is a low-level JavaScript type checking and casting library

varname Convert strings between different variable naming formats

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