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agenda Light weight job scheduler for Node.js

ar-drone A node.js client for controlling Parrot AR Drone 2.0 quad-copters.

bonfire Throw your database to the flames.

chino Jade based views that render server and client side

co-middleware Middleware registering/running methods based using co

component-angular-partials Angular Template Handling for Component

component-styl-plugin Highly customizable Styl compiler plugin for Component

component-stylus-plugin Highly customizable Stylus compiler plugin for Component

curate API Manufacturer for Query Objects

git-today Tells you about your LOC for a given day

grunt-surgeon Insert parts of files without re-compiling the whole thing.

gulp-css-whitespace Converts white-space significant CSS to normal CSS

gulp-insert Append or Prepend a string with gulp

gulp-source-url Source URLs for files run though with gulp

gulp-surgeon Surgical percision for Gulp

hatchling Spawn interface with a callback

human-interval Human readable time measurements

interval-to-human Convert interval to human readable text

karma-mi6 Bring mi6 into karma

kongo Coroutine based mongo driver for Node.js

maggregate Mongo aggregation builder

mi6 Where great spies are made

modella simplified models

modella-ajax AJAX Sync Layer for Modella

modella-auth authorization plugin for modella

modella-change-saved Changed saved event for modella

modella-defaults Modella plugin to add default values

modella-filter A plugin for filtering things from modella objects. Useful for sharing server models to client.

modella-friendly-errors Friendly error messages for modella

modella-mongo Modella Mongo persistence layer

modella-protection Protection for mass-assignment vulnerabilities for modella.

modella-save-invalid Adds method to persist models w/o validations

modella-slug create slugs for models

modella-timestamps CreatedAt and UpdatedAt for Modella

modella-validators Validators for Modella

moko Generator based models

ogle A modern wrapper for

powerdrill Power mandrill client for working with templates

rework-grid 960 inspired grid system for rework

rsvp-me Get in those hard to get meetup events

sik Opinionated configuration of the MEAN stack

sik-tools Command line generators for Sik

stream-series Waterfalls for streams

turbo A router that works client and server side

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