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extractor A small utility library for retrieving and scraping web content. It targets scraping content with a unique attribute id, class or tag.

fmttxt Small library for formatting plain text.

harness Yet another test organizer except this one works in NodeJS, Mongo 2.2's shell and modern web browsers.

memfile A simplistic in-memory file cache. Not suitable of a huge number of files. It doesn't feature logging which a production implementation requirement.

mimetype A mime type catalog driven by filename extensions.

mweave This is an experiment in using Markdown and some concepts from literate programming.

opt A configuration, cmd line options and RESTful web processor module for NodeJS. A simple help text is also automatically generated based if the command line options or RESTful paths you define so you don't have to remember to do that later.

reltime A function to calculate relative time based on a simple date string notation. Intended to be lighter weight than the excellent moment.js.

sqlish A small SQL generator for NodeJS, MongoDB shell or web browser.

stn A small utility library for parsing Simple Timesheet notation into a useful JSON object.

tbone A simple library to generate valid HTML markup.

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