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angular-debounce Tiny debouncing function for Angular.JS.

angular-gettext Gettext support for Angular.js

angular-gettext-tools Tools for extracting/compiling angular-gettext strings.

apk-parser Extract Android Manifest info from an APK file.

autoquit Automatically shut down servers when inactive

broadcast-hub WebSockets backed by Redis pubsub.

client-compiler Client-side code compiler

connect-body-rewrite Rewrite request bodies.

connect-livereload-safe A safer way to inject livereload during development.

connect-strip-manifest Remove html5 app cache through connect middleware.

deploy-to Git deployment utility script.

ensure-schema Ensure that databases always have a given structure.

grunt-angular-gettext Tasks for extracting/compiling angular-gettext strings.

grunt-client-compiler Grunt wrapper for client-compiler.

grunt-git Git commands for grunt.

grunt-mkdir Create directories with Grunt.

grunt-unknown-css Detect undeclared CSS classes in your HTML.

grunt-usemin-uglifynew Usemin uglify task that reuses existing .min files.

json-inspect Get JSON context information based on a string

mobile-monkeypatches Monkey patches to ease mobile web app development

nested-means Nested means calculation

pofile Parse and serialize Gettext PO files.

systemd systemd socket activation support for Node.js

trackchange Transparent change-tracking using Harmony Proxies.

xlsx-writer Simple XLSX writer.

zipper Insanely simple zipfile creator for node.js

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