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npm-maintainers-au A utility to fetch and collate a list of Australian npm package maintainers

npm-publish-notify Desktop notifications on npm publish events

npm-publish-stream A ReadableStream emitting data for each new module published to npm

npm-replicator-monitor Continuous monitor for mirrored npm registries, check and reset replicator as required

npmrc Switch between different .npmrc files with ease and grace

npmrc-win Switch between different .npmrc files with ease and grace

nwmatcher A CSS3-compliant JavaScript selector engine.

prr A better Object.defineProperty()

pygmentize-bundled A simple wrapper around Python's Pygments code formatter, with Pygments bundled

quantities Physical quantity representation and conversion

qwery-pseudos Pseudo-selector extensions for Qwery

readable-stream Streams2, a user-land copy of the stream library from Node.js v0.10.x

readfiletree Serialize a tree of files and directories into object form

reportico Node.js client for PDF as a Service

require-subvert Simple require() subversion for mocking and stubbing

reqwest A wrapper for asynchronous http requests

restify-errors restify component (errors), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-body-parser restify component (plugin-body-parser), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-body-reader restify component (plugin-body-reader), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-fielded-text-body-parser restify component (plugin-fielded-text-body-parser), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-form-body-parser restify component (plugin-form-body-parser), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-gzip restify component (plugin-gzip), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-json-body-parser restify component (plugin-json-body-parser), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-multipart-parser restify component (plugin-multipart-parser), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-pre-path restify component (plugin-pre-path), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-pre-pause restify component (plugin-pre-pause), extracted from "restify"

restify-plugin-query restify component (plugin-query), extracted from "restify"

restify-request restify component (request), extracted from "restify"

restify-response restify component (response), extracted from "restify"

rocksdb A Node.js RocksDB binding, LevelDOWN-compatible (alpha release)

rsz Resize images as files or Buffers

simple-bufferstream Turn a Buffer into a Stream (simplistic version)

simpledb-stream Stream the contents of a SimpleDB domain

simpledb2level Extract complete (or partial / incremental) SimpleDB data to a local LevelDB

sizzle A pure-JavaScript CSS selector engine

slow-stream A throttleable stream, for working in the slow-lane

sophia nothing to see here, move along

splink JavaScript IoC Container

splink-smvc Node.JS Server MVC(ish) Framework built on Splink

splinky A lightweight Node web server framework with an MVC and IoC feel

splinky-ws WebSockets for Splinky

ssbl Super-simple blog loader. Load markdown formatted blog files from a folder as a handy data structure for rendering

ssh A Node.js binding for libssh

st A module for serving static files. Does etags, caching, etc.

string_decoder The string_decoder module from Node core

sz Determine the size / dimensions of an image

thmb An image thumbnailer

through2 A tiny wrapper around Node streams2 Transform to avoid explicit subclassing noise

titlecase Intelligently converting strings to title case (an enhanced fork of David Gouch's library)

traversty Library agnostic utility for DOM collection management and traversal

upper-rangedel A LevelUP plugin providing a native rangeDel() method via downer-rangedel

worker-farm Distribute processing tasks to child processes with an ├╝ber-simple API and baked-in durability & custom concurrency options.

workshopper A terminal workshop runner framework

workshopper-boilerplate A boilerplate-provider component for the Workshopper framework

workshopper-exercise An exercise runner component for the Workshopper framework

workshopper-recorder A exercise solution recorder component for the Workshopper framework

workshopper-wrappedexec A utility to wrap a Workshopper exercise execution for fancy hackery

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