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ares-data Load information about employers from Czech ares service.

browser-http Simple (but advanced) HTTP for browser

cache-storage Advanced cache storage for node js

content-ready Listen for moment when content of element is ready (even with all images).

dependency-injection Dependency injection with configuration and autowire for node js and browser

easy-configuration Simply extensible loader for json config files

extended-spine Some extensions for spine framework

extended-spine-di Some extensions for spine framework with dependency injection

flatten-required Flatten required module with list of all core dependencies

fs-finder File system recursive finder

fs-mock Simple fs mock with posix and windows file system styles

google-maps Wrapper for asynchronously used Google Maps API

html-toggle Simple toggling library for HTML, based on data attributes

insert-style Simple helper for inserting new css rules into page (not into element).

items-dialog Modal dialog for set items by type

modal-dialog Window modal dialogs for browser

module-info Find package.json files in module and load information from it

normalize-arguments Normalize arguments almost like for overloaded methods (not really)

operator-compare Comparing two variables with operator as argument

overlay Really stupidly simple overlay for browser.

recursive-merge Recursive merge tool for arrays and objects

remove-url-component Remove some url parameter from url in browser

simq Simple require for javascript (browser)

source-compiler Compile javascript transcompilers and css frameworks with one API

translator Translator for node and also for browser

tree-checkbox-list Modal dialog with checkbox tree list

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