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extx-layout Collection of layouts for ExtJS

extx-reference-slot ExtJS extension for accessing components hierarchy with mnemonic names

extx-shotenjin Shotenjin templates for ExtJS components

joose Post modern self-hosting meta object system for JavaScript with support for classes, inheritance, roles, traits, method modifiers and more.

joosex-attribute Additional features for Joose attributes

joosex-bridge-ext Bridge from Joose to Ext3 class system

joosex-cps Continuation Passing Style for Joose classes

joosex-meta-lazy A trait to make your metaclasses lazy

joosex-namespace-depended Cross-platform (browser/NodeJS), non-blocking, dependencies handling implementation, integrated with Joose3

joosex-observable cross-plaform implementation of the Observable pattern

joosex-simplerequest Simple XHR request abstraction

kiokujs Persistent layer for Joose, mostly targeting NoSQL backends

kiokujs-backend-batch Some clever yet compact description

kiokujs-backend-couchdb Some clever yet compact description

scope-provider Cross-platform (browser/NodeJS) JavaScript scope provider

shotenjin Post-modern javascript templating system

symbie Framework for web-sites running on the client

syncler Some clever yet compact description

task-extjs ExtJS framework, with some changes, suitable for bridging to Joose

task-joose-nodejs Joose, packaged with NodeJS flavour

task-joose-stable Stable version of Joose, required only for bootstraping purposes

test-run Yet another JavaScript testing platform, running on Joose3 + bridge to ExtJS


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