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browserstack A client for working with the BrowserStack API.

changelogplease Generate changelogs from git commit messages

connect-oauth-github GitHub OAuth for Connect/Express

debt This is the future home of the most amazing bug tracker ever. jQuery UI DownloadBuilder & ThemeRoller backend and frontend application.

git-notifier Listen for GitHub updates using an EventEmitter.

git-tools Tools for parsing data out of git repositories.

github-request Simplified GitHub API requests.

globalize New age globalization and localization. Formats and parses strings, dates and numbers in over 350 cultures.

grunt-git-authors Generate a list of authors from the git history.

grunt-jquery-content A collection of tasks for building the jQuery websites

grunt-wordpress Grunt plugin for publishing content to WordPress

hookup Easily configure GitHub web hooks.

jquery JavaScript library for DOM operations

pretty-diff Generate colorized HTML diffs.

recursive-blame Recursive blame for Git

simple-log A simple logger for node.js, which logs to syslog using the popular console API.

wordpress A client for working with WordPress.

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