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analytics-node The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any node application.

batch-stream Transform a stream into batches

bind-all Create singletons from objects.

bind-all-component Component for creating singletons from objects

cache-bust Create cache-busted versions of a file using the MD5 hash of the file's contents.

chunk-date-range Split a date range into chunks of equal size

component-html A plugin to automatically convert HTML to Javascript strings for the component builder.

component-jade A plugin to transpile Jade files for the component builder.

component-markdown A plugin to compile Markdown to Javascript for the component builder.

connect-base64 Connect middleware for decoding base64 requests and adding them to the request body

context-middleware Attach `req.context` to all [express]( requests.

convert-dates Convert all Date instances in an object.

count-request-size-middleware Count the request size of each [express]( request.

count-response-size-middleware Count the content bytes in each [express]( response.

date-math Math. functions for dates

ec2-metadata Returns the EC2 metadata for an instance

expires-middleware Middleware to set cache-control expiration headers

hbs-analyticsjs-snippet Handlebars helper for the analytics.js snippet.

hbs-json Handlebars helper for JSON.stringify.

herd A simple wrapper over node cluster for zero-downtime reloads

hn-item Get a Hacker News item by URL.

hn-item-cache A cache for retrieving Hacker News items, only making one outbound request at a time.

hn-score Retrieves the score for a hacker news item

hn-score-cache A cache for retrieving hn scores, only makes one outbound req at a time

is-email Loosely validate an email address.

is-hex-color Check whether a string is a hex color.

is-hsl-color Loosely check whether a string is an HSL(A) color string.

is-isodate Test whether a string matches the ISO date format.

is-rgb-color Loosely check whether a string is an RGB(A) color string.

is-url Check whether a string is a URL.

isodate-traverse Traverse an object and convert all ISO strings into Dates.

isostring Decides whether a string is a valid isodate format

khaos A super-simple way to generate directory or file templates.

last-error-middleware Middleware for catching the last error in your express.js apps.

logo-cli A CLI to make working with re-usable logo components easy.

metalsmith An extremely simple, pluggable static site generator.

metalsmith-build-date A Metalsmith plugin that adds a build date to the metadata.

metalsmith-collections A Metalsmith plugin that adds collections of files to the global metadata.

metalsmith-drafts A metalsmith plugin to hide drafts.

metalsmith-excerpt A Metalsmith plugin to add an excerpt to files.

metalsmith-excerpts A Metalsmith plugin to extract an excerpt from Markdown files.

metalsmith-headings A Metalsmith plugin that extracts headings from HTML files and attaches them to the file's metadata.

metalsmith-ignore A Metalsmith plugin to ignore files that match a pattern.

metalsmith-metadata A metalsmith plugin to load global metadata from files.

metalsmith-permalinks A metalsmith plugin for permalinks.

metalsmith-prompt A metalsmith plugin to prompt the user for series of answers and add them to the global metadata.

metalsmith-templates A metalsmith plugin to render files with templates.

model-defaults Lets a model specify default attribute values.

model-schema A plugin that creates a model's attributes from a schema.

myth A CSS preprocessor that acts like a polyfill for future versions of the spec.

new-date Creates a new Date, but accepts a few more input types than normal.

node-sass-wrapper A wrapper around the command line Sass gem.

noop-logger A logger that does exactly nothing.

normalize-case recursively normalize to camelcase

obj-case Work with objects of different cased keys

on-response Call back when an [express]( request is finished.

prompt-for Prompt the user for a series of answers.

proxy-events Proxy events from one emitter to another.

rabbitmq-monitor Retrieves stats from a local RabbitMQ instance.

rainforest-qa Rainforest QA Api

redis-first The first redis write wins, the rest get that value

request-error-log-middleware Log an [express]( request if the response has a bad status code.

request-id-middleware Add a unique `requestId` uuid to each [express]( request for logging.

request-log-middleware Log an [express]( request.

request-retry retrying request layer

request-size-log-middleware Log an [express]( request if the request body or response body is too large.

request-slow-log-middleware Log an [express]( request if the response is slow.

request-summary Summarize an [express]( request.

response-summary Summarize an [express]( response.

s3-cat Streams file contents from s3

s3-lister Stream the file descriptions from all keys in an s3 bucket

segmentio-api-methods The API methods

segmentio-facade Providing common fields for analytics integrations

segmentio-integration integration base prototype

segmentio-integrations server-side integrations

segmentio-snippet Templating methods for rendering the analytics.js snippet.

stackdriver-custom A simple node client for submitting metrics to Stackdriver.

stackdriver-rabbitmq A nodecron that checks on rabbitmq's status, and submits the stats to Stackdriver.

superagent-csrf Adds CSRF headers to client-side superagent requests

superagent-retry A retrying layer for a superagent request

to-title-case Convert a string to title case.

unix-time Convert a date to a unix timestamp

ware Easily create your own middleware layer.

winston-logger Create a winston logger using a simple API.

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