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browser-keymap browserify module to convert keydown events to string

event-source-emitter server-side EventSource

favicon find the url of a web site's favicon image

feed-poll poll and parse ATOM and RSS feeds

feed-read a ATOM and RSS feed parser

fractus a browser-based editor

fuzzy-filter a browserify-compatible fuzzy string filtering function

gift a Git wrapper library

google-feeds an interface to the Google Feeds API

lb_pool in-process HTTP load balancer client with retries

llquantize log/linear quantization

open-new-tab browserify module to open a URL in a new browser tab

simple-auth HTTP basic authentication

skyview browserify module for building widgets with HTML templates and event delegation

stem-porter Porter's stemming algorithm

stratus a web based programmer's text editor

stratus-bundle Stratus Editor's bundle manager

stratus-color a syntax highligher for standalone static use or by Stratus Editor

stratus-keyboard scoped key bindings for browserify

stratus-ui UI widgets for stratus editor

zag graph metrics

zag-agent send metrics to zag-daemon

zag-backend-leveldb leveldb backend for zag metrics

zag-backend-pg postgres backend for zag metrics

zag-daemon aggregate metrics data

zag-standalone zag metrics example server

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