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abcnode ABC notation parser for JavaScript

architect A Simple yet powerful plugin system for node applications

conceal Conceals a string or part of it behind a specific character

edgy ERROR: No file found!

enumjs Enumeration over abstract collection of elements

ftp-response-parser Parser for FTP server responses

ftp-test-server Wrapper around pyftpdlib to have a fast, readily available FTP server for testing.

gab A module to help implement command/response protocols

jsftp A sane FTP client implementation for NodeJS

msgpack-js-browser A msgpack encoder and decoder using ArrayBuffer and DataView

parse-listing Small library to parse file listings into JavaScript objects

promised-storage Store persistent data in the browser asynchronously using promises ========

vcfparser A simple vCard parser

vfs-ftp FTP adapter for Virtual File System (VFS)

virtual-list Allows the developer to create massively long lists that perform extremely fast by loading just the part of the list showing up on the viewport, and by optimizing the amount of DOM operations and reflows.

xslty XSLT 2.0 commandline processor

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