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crtrdg a toolkit for making 2d games with javascript

crtrdg-entity entity module for crtrdg games

crtrdg-gameloop gameloop module for crtrdg – canvas-based animation.

crtrdg-goal achievements module for crtrdg games

crtrdg-keyboard keyboard module for crtrdg

crtrdg-mouse mouse module for 2d games. designed for games using the canvas.

crtrdg-player **example** player module for crtrdg. try it out to learn how to implement your own player module. this one is also used for simple examples.

crtrdg-scene scene module for crtrdg games

ebook generate epub, mobi, pdf, and html books

ebook-convert node.js wrapper around calibre's ebook-convert command

gameloop a gameloop.

gameloop-canvas a gameloop designed for use the the html5 canvas tag

generator-crtrdg A generator for Yeoman

generator-ghost Generate Ghost blogs and themes using Yeoman.

generator-grunt-static-site A Yeoman generator for creating static sites that use grunt, browserify, ejs, and deploy to GitHub Pages.

grunt-ebook-convert grunt task for generating ebooks with the calibre command-line tool ebook-convert

gumroad-client javascript api client for gumroad

gumroadjs javascript api client for gumroad

leanpub-client a node.js api client for

load-images preload images for use in games, animations, etc.

manuscript-builder create a one-file manuscript from a bunch of chapters files. designed for leanpub books but not limited to that.

node-localwiki-client A node.js wrapper library to the localwiki api.

rework-npm-cli a command for running rework-npm in build scripts

skelestyle-typography base typography styles

sodajs-socrata client for socrata's soda api

sodawiki helper for using the socrata and localwiki apis to import content into a localwiki site.

sprite-2d render sprites

string-exists check if a string exists inside a string

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