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argparser object to parse commandline-args and options.

arrayemitter EventEmitter emittin array-iteration events.

arraystream ReadableStream of arrays and hash variables.

browser browsing urls with cookies, that is, we can scrape with authenticated pages!

clipcrop a tool for detecting structural variations using soft-clipping information

dna utility functions to handle DNA/RNA string data

fastareader FASTA DNA/RNA sequence reader

interval-tree interval tree in javascript

jsrel JavaScript lightweight synchronous RDB

junjo Yet Another Flow Control (YAFC)

linestream a readable stream emitting lines (from files, streams)

master-worker multi process node execution with a single file

modifier JavaScript validator / modifier

multiwriter multi-writing

pairgen paired-end NGS simulator.

priprop a tiny library for private properties

random-tools utility random functions

samreader parsing SAM format

shinout.struct a helper to create getter/setter properties with validations, type checking, defaults, private, required, immutable, and so on...

sortedlist sorted list

standalone Creates an isolated thread / process in JavaScript (Node.js and modern browsers)

statichoster host static files

svgen generate DNA sequence with SNV and Structural Variations from FASTA format

termcolor console.color

txreader read transcriptome data

u2r url to request info

umecob JS template engine available in both Browsers and Node.js supporting asynchronous methods with JSDeferred.

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