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abe Expose ArrayBuffers as read/write text streams

accepts Higher-level content negotiation

after after - tiny flow control

assert commonjs assert - node.js api compatible

away detect when a user is idle on a page

bamboo A model library for client side javascript making it easy to load and persist javascript-object like data structures to/from a backend (typically over ajax) and use them in view/template bindings.

basic-auth-connect Basic auth middleware for node and connect

bcrypt A bcrypt library for NodeJS.

bitcoin-address bitcoin address verification and other related functions

body-parser Connect's body parsing middleware

book flexible node.js logging library

book-email email transport for book logging framework

book-file file transport for book logging framework

book-git git middleware for book logging framework

book-raven raven middleware for the book logging framework

bookrc automatic config loading for the book logging framework

bootbox Wrappers for JavaScript alert(), confirm() and other flexible dialogs using Twitter's bootstrap framework

bootbox.js Wrappers for JavaScript alert(), confirm() and other flexible dialogs using Twitter's bootstrap framework

bootstrap-confirm bootstrap ui confirmation dialog

browser-resolve resolve which handles browser field support in package.json

browserify-file require text files

browserkthx Encourage your users to update their browser via a simple middleware.

bus Application-wide event bus

carry Carry attrs, classes from one element to another.

chrome-socket streaming socket interface for chrome tcp

clock-input widget to select time

combobox Lightweight select box replacemet

component Component package manager consuming git repositories

component-builder builder for component

component-classes Cross-browser element class list

component-clipboard Clipboard API wrapper

component-delegate Event delegation component

component-domify turn HTML into DOM elements

component-drop drag and drop file uploading with a single drop event

component-each Array / object / string iteration utility

component-emitter Event emitter

component-event Event binding component

component-events Higher level dom event management with direct and delegate event handling support.

component-file File & FileReader wrappers

component-indexof Microsoft sucks

component-inject-at-cursor inject a string or dom node at the cursor

component-matches-selector Check if an element matches a given selector

component-normalized-upload Normalized DataTransfer items for less upload item handling pain

component-props Parse immediate identifiers from a js expression

component-query Query the DOM with selector engine fallback support

component-raf request animation frame

component-reverse unicode-aware string reversal

component-sort Sort DOM elements

component-xor tiny xor utility function

compressible Compressible Content-Type / mime checking

compression Compression middleware for connect and node.js

confirmation-component Confirmation component

confirmation-popover-component Popover component

connect-raven connect error handling middleware logging via raven

connect-timeout timeout middleware

cookie cookie parsing and serialization

cookie-parser cookie parsing with signatures

cookie-session cookie session middleware

csurf CSRF token middleware

daemon Add-on for creating *nix daemons

dialog-component Dialog component

discore-closest Find the closest ancestor matching a selector string

docserv Simple documentation browser for your node project.

dom dom traversal / manipulation library

dom-events dom event binding and triggering

dom.position dom position functions

dombie simple dom for xml/html

dombie-str render a dombie tree back into a string

dombie-walk recursively walk a dombie tree and call a function for each node

domify turn HTML into DOM elements

emitter-component Event emitter

enchilada middleware for automatic javascript bundles Make a valid node stream

errorhandler connect's default error handler page

event-within-element Check if an event came from within an element.

events Node's event emitter for all engines.

events-browserify node.js events module for script or browserify

expando expand/collapse html elements

express Sinatra inspired web development framework

express-generator Express' application generator


file-component File & FileReader wrappers

filepile file backed local work queues

finished Execute a callback when a request closes, finishes, or errors

fixjs FIX Protocol library

flip-counter ## install

flot ## About ##

form-serialize serialize html forms

fx basic dom effects

g.raphael An npm package of g.raphael

gitup gitup is a multi-server deployment tool based on git. Pushing to a git master will cause all of the clones to update their working copies and restart.

has-cors Detects support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

hbs Express.js template engine plugin for Handlebars

htmltree simple tree data structure for html source

inherit-component Prototype inheritance utility

int arbitrary precision integer and library in pure javascript

ios-overlay iOS-style overlays/notifications

jsbundler automatic bundling of nodejs modules for the browser

jsonwire newline delimited json read/write stream

jsrender jsrender expressjs middleware

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