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abstractsocket Abstract unix sockets support by spawning socat process

adbhost Android Debug Bridge host protocol client

ansi-vnc terminal vnc client

argnames print function arguments with original names

browserify-jade browserify v2 plugin for jade with sourcemaps support

cli-debugger command-line debugger for node.js

crconsole Remote JavaScript console for Chrome/Webkit

crmux chrome developer tools remote protocol multiplexer

dbus-native D-bus protocol implementation in native javascript

dbusfs FUSE filesystem exposing DBus objects

dbusmenu dbusmenu client/server

diamond stdin + arguments composite stream (aka <> or diamond)

embed-source-map-src Convert sourcemaps with external references to inlineable sourcemap

ewmh Implementation of the Extended Window Manager Hints (EWMH)

exec_stream Create read-write pipeable stream from spawned process

freetype2_render Parse font files with FreeType.

fuse4js-readlink FUSE bindings for node.js - experimental fork with readlink support

gday avahi/dns-sd wrapper

i3 I3WM (ion window manager) ipc client

json-bigint JSON.parse with bigints support

migrate-orm2 A library providing migrations using ORM2's model DSL leveraging Visionmedia's node-migrate.

mysql A node.js driver for mysql. It is written in JavaScript, does not require compiling, and is 100% MIT licensed.

mysql-co mysql2 wrappers for co

mysql-native MySql protocol client for Node.Js

mysql-pg-proxy mysql to postgres proxy server

mysql2 fast mysql driver. Implements core protocol, prepared statements, ssl and compression in native JS

mysqlite.js sqlite server talking mysql protocol

ni script to simplify node-inspector debugger workflow

ntk Desktop UI tollkit/widgets set

pidgin Pidgin client using pidgin dbus api and dbus-native

repl-co Node.js repl with yield support

rfb2 RFB protocol client and server

rfbrecord capture VNC stream and encode it to video file

shaper Create throttled through stream

skype SkypeAPI client

skype-applescript SkypeAPI AppleScript client

skype-dbus SkypeAPI dbus client

spine-inline-sm MVC Framework.

stream-agent Connect http/websockets client using arbitrary duplex stream

streamagent Connect http/websockets client using arbitrary duplex stream

tick node-compatible v8.log processor

v8-debugger v8 debugger protocol client

vimdebug vim-netbeans based debugger

vnc VNC viewer in native JS

vnc-over-gif vnc over gif server

wrk wrk load test tool wrapper and output parser

x11 A pure node.js JavaScript client implementing X Window (X11) protocol and extensions.

xml2jade xml to jade converter

yandex-translate Yandex.Translate API client

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