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arthus Yet another web framework.

bling-css Bloglovin CSS "framework"

browbeat Elect a master browser window.

configloader Load YAML configs based on current environment.

conman Configuration manager plugin for hapi.

dirscanner Analyze a directory substructure and return it as an object.

dirstream Stream file names from a given directory.

dropbox-authenticator Easily obtain OAuth credentials for the Dropbox API.

filemap Conviniently load a bunch of files.

flattrjs Wrapper on top of the Flattr API

furcape Group objects based on a set of criteria.

http-digest-client Perform request agains digest authenticated servers.

imagerequest Image request handler with on demand resizing using ImageMagick.

jade-attachfilter Attach new filters to Jade

keypath Access values in nested properties and arrays using a keypath.

maptrans Map one object to another using JSONPath and JSONPatch.

mtime Returns the last moditication date for a given path.

quester Request helper thingy.

rework-imagesize Read an image and use it's size as values for properties.

rework-importer Import statements for Rework.

rework-variant Another take on variables in Rework.

session-handler Bloglovin sessions.

staticfy Saves a given string to a file that can be served from the given URL.

tala Self hosted commenting platform for node.

upstep Application updater helper.

yamlhead Extract YAML headers from random (not really random) files.

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