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affilinet simple interface to the affilinet api

amazon-associate amazon-associate is a simple interface to amazon associate reports for nodejs

apparat apparat is a simple but powerful way to organize async code for nodejs

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celerity celerity uses redis to do centralized rate limiting for applications running on multiple heroku dynos

criterion criterion describes sql-where-conditions as objects which can be combined and manipulated

env-config env-config reads configuration for twelve-factor-apps from environment variables

hinoki magical inversion of control for nodejs and the browser

kup kup is an html builder for nodejs

mesa simple sql for nodejs

mesa-find pagination, multi-column-searching and sorting for mesa tables

mohair mohair is a simple and flexible sql builder with a fluent interface

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passage passage is simple composable routing with middleware for nodejs

ravine ravine is a simple router middleware for nodejs

react-kup react-kup is a simple, non-intrusive alternative to jsx for coffeescript

searchlight searchlight is a simple and fast inverted search index stored in redis

sequenz sequenz composes connect middleware for nodejs

silhouette silhouette generates html from an array representation

url-pattern url-pattern is easy pattern matching and segment extraction for urls, domains, filepaths and any string composed of segments joined by a seperator character

url-whitelist url-whitelist can create whitelists by including and excluding url patterns and check urls against them

whois-available whois-available returns whois information and checks whether domains are available

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