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anydb-sql Minimal ORM for mysql, postgresql and sqlite with complete arbitrary SQL query support (based on brianc's query builder sql)

async-bfs Flexible functional async breadth first search

blue-tape Tape test runner with promise support

connect-stack Create a new connect middleware function from multiple other middleware functions

crlint JS lint tool based on complexity reports

execsync-ng Synchronous exec when you NEED it. Based on execSync with added Windows support.

fibby Use fibers with functions that take callbacks.

flask-router-plus Flask-inspired routing system for node and connect. Nice if you just need a routing system without depending on connect, or need routing middleware without all features provided by express.

genny A tiny ES6 (harmony) library for node 0.11.2+ that helps you use generators with node style callbacks.

glob-intersect Check whether two file globs intersect

handlebars-cmd Invoke handlebars from the command line

hidash Yet another mixin extension of lodash, with join product, toDictionary and filtermap

howdoi Howdoi implementation in node.js with more options, more stackexchange sites and better text

htmldiff-cmd Command line htmldiff

ircee A tiny modular IRC library with a stream / event-emitter based API

middleware-tester Test your middleware with fake requests

modular-chainer Chain local functions like member functions

nac node app control and monitoring daemon based on config files (somewhat similar to procfiles)

ngbmin Simple AngularJS pre-minifier. Transforms all functions that end with $ng from function-injection to array injection syntax

ngbrowserify Angular function-based injection to array-based injection transform for browserify and the command line.

node-trace Add custom instrumentation to all or some of your code

npmsearch Search the npm registry. Results are carefully tuned - sorted using both relevance and downloads. Fast - uses a local database populated directly by the npm registry (no middleman servers)

ntetris Play tetris in the command line

oauth-flow Middleware for express or connect that implements the authorization flow of oAuth and passes the resulting tokens via req.oauth

promise-streams A collection of streams that work well with promises (through, map, reduce)

recluster Clustering library with support for zero-downtime reloading

shelljs-ffi A close fork of shelljs that replaces the unreliable hacky execSync with another based on node-ffi.

simple-router Simple-router is a middleware-compatible router with support for promises.

spawn-module Spawn a node module that exports callback-based functions as a process.

subsync Sync your (srt) subtitles using the command line

thenlint A linter for promises that checks for possible Promise.then usage errors and advises to use Promise.done instead.

triplie An IRC conversation simulator (chatbot) utilising Markov chains, Hebbian networks and information theory.

unix-socket-credentials Get the uid, gid and pid of a client that connects to your unix socket server

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