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atomic Atomic operations

beatport Beatport API client for Node.js

before before decorator factory

bitch Fork for humans

blackout blackout express middleware

bus Application-wide event bus

chaos chaos is a node.js database

chronohash Time restricted hashing for passwords

component Component package manager consuming git repositories

component-builder builder for component

component-classes Cross-browser element class list

component-clipboard Clipboard API wrapper

component-delegate Event delegation component

component-domify turn HTML into DOM elements

component-drop drag and drop file uploading with a single drop event

component-each Array / object / string iteration utility

component-emitter Event emitter

component-event Event binding component

component-events Higher level dom event management with direct and delegate event handling support.

component-file File & FileReader wrappers

component-indexof Microsoft sucks

component-inject-at-cursor inject a string or dom node at the cursor

component-matches-selector Check if an element matches a given selector

component-normalized-upload Normalized DataTransfer items for less upload item handling pain

component-plus-node makes components work in both node and the browser

component-props Parse immediate identifiers from a js expression

component-query Query the DOM with selector engine fallback support

component-raf request animation frame

component-reverse unicode-aware string reversal

component-sort Sort DOM elements

component-xor tiny xor utility function

confirmation-component Confirmation component

confirmation-popover-component Popover component

confu Simplistic config parsing for node.js

connect-image-resizer Image resize on demand middleware for Connect

ddir minimal dir tool

dialog-component Dialog component

discore-closest Find the closest ancestor matching a selector string

dnode-worker Stupid simple workers with DNode

domain-capture decorates a function in a domain

domify turn HTML into DOM elements

drama drama is an Actor model implementation for JavaScript and Node.js

emitter-component Event emitter

eventstack Middleware for EventEmitters

evts Minimal event emitter implementation that supports both sync and async event handlers.

express-die express handler to kill your node process

express-prettylogger Adds a 'pretty' template to express.logger

file-component File & FileReader wrappers

fills ordered callback results accumulator

frequire require() for the browser - works with npm modules, browserify modules, components, expose objects and more

fun-stream functional streams decorator

geoip-lite-with-city-data A light weight native JavaScript implementation of GeoIP API from MaxMind

helpful Helpful functions for Express

hurry invokes a function if it's taking too long

inherit-component Prototype inheritance utility

issues GitHub Issues from the CLI.

jade-bro Compile jade views plus runtime in a single module string

jjw jsdom + jquery using workers for async scraping

jsondate Date deserialization for JSON.parse

jsontry JSON.parse() in a try

level-atomic obtain locks for atomic levelup transactions

level-counter keep count of the elements in a sublevel

level-indexing level indexing and finding

level-path sensible key / range generator for levelup

level-relation relations and joins between sublevels

listenex Turns this awful piece of code:

loreg local github-like server/registry using express

lwink Lwink is a Twitter unique link tracker, expander and emitter

maga mAKE a gaME is a node.js framework for multiplayer games

maptail maptail is a realtime map view of GeoIP data

memoize memoize caches your callbacks given a set of arguments w/ persistence

menu-component Menu component

ministore ministore is a mini JSON file based key-value store

modella-level-relations levelup based modella relations

mousetrap Keyboard shortcuts component (browser)

nexttick Common functions using process.nextTick()

node-shim node shim

nodie nodie restarts an application if it dies

nolife Restart an application if a file changes

nopro nopro is a deployment tool for multiple node.js servers on a single ip

nploy Lazy spawn node apps on single ip

npm-server local npm registry w/ real registry fallback

nymph Nymph is a node.js IRC bot module

ourl Gives you: new Url(href)

overlay-component Overlay component

path-to-regexp Express style path to RegExp utility

pathify Point to a root and generate paths hash

permutations generate unique permutations, like all lottery numbers

phaseshift Phase shift an array

plugs a generic plugin system

popover-component Popover component

progress-component Progress indicator component

project create projects

qdox shell docs using dox

rea Rea is a fancy wrapper over connect.router

readdirtree reads a dir tree

sentient Entity based game framework

simpl Highly pluggable WebSockets framework

slice-arguments slice arguments and common helpers

stagas-express-resource-new An enhancement to express-resource

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