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backbone-delta Detect and apply changes on Backbone.js models

bbnano Backbone.js sync for CouchDB using nano

bogus.js Access Backbone templates from Hogan

c-c-config Tagged configuration

esync Dirt simple solution to async event listeners

grunt-zipstream Create ZIP files from grunt with zipstream.

libyaml Bindings to libYAML

noface Quickly and easily start PhantomJS from Node.js

redis-pubsub Simple pub/sub interface to Redis

redub Redundant pub/sub

stable A stable array sort for JavaScript

symmetry Sync objects by diffing and patching

symmetry-bb Apply Symmetry patches to Backbone models

universe Project directory structure

upgrade-ex Response object for HTTP Upgrade/CONNECT

walkbuf Walk a buffer, much like traditional C file I/O.

wigos Simple logging with Winston and Universe

yamlverse Read YAML configs with Universe

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