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accept-encoding Simple plugin for checking a request's Accept-Encoding

ansimd Markdown to ANSI for your terminal

best-encoding Choose the best compression encoding

bumpy Bump version numbers in your .json files

bunyan-env Bunyan logger working with ENV vars

clib-create Create a `clib` skeleton

component-bundle component bundle

component-bundle-autorequire Autoboot-like behavior for bundles

component-install Simple programmatic, asynchronous installation of a component

concatenate concatenate files

cp cp for node

day-of-year get the day of year because javascript has no tm_yday

days-in-month get the number of days in the given month

eventemitter-pipe Pipe one EventEmitter into another

globs An extension of glob, allowing you to provide one or more patterns to match.

grunt-jslint Validates JavaScript files with JSLint

grunt-obfuscator Obfuscate nodejs projects via Grunt

is-leap-year check if the given year is a leap year

level-repl REPL for LevelUP compatible databases

license-from-readme attempt to parse licenses out of a readme

node-cpplint Validates C++ files with cpplint

node-selenium Fetches and runs the Selenium as a child process

obfuscator Code protection / obfuscation for node

ordinal-number-suffix add suffixes to numbers (1st, 33rd, etc.)

regex-object Build RegExps from each key in an object

remove-trailing-slash removes trailing slashes

sophist A (maintained) Sophia binding.

sourceurl generate sourceurls

sparkey Sparkey binding

tabs-to-spaces Convert tabs to spaces

tlds List of TLDs

uncolor Remove ANSI escape codes from stringsr

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