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buildproject Tools to build a project from almost any source to an output structure

cacheable-middleware Middleware component to set cache headers on responses from an Express or Connect server

commands Command line arguments reader

fn-callable Function manipulation library

gauth Middleware component to authenticate users through their Google account

grunt-release-steps Release a new version of your Node-based project

hogan-middleware Middleware component to use Hogan.js mustache templates as views in an Express server

json-middleware Middleare component to send responses as JSON when requested as JSON

promise-lite Promise implementation

properties-reader Properties file reader for Node.js

readdir Reads a directory and return results with the ability to use Ant style file match patterns

robust Robust - it watches, it wraps, it can kill and restart

session-middleware Stateless session middleware for Node.js and Express/Connect servers

simple-git Simple GIT interface for node.js

subscribable Lightweight library for adding pub sub to any application on the server and in the client

task-runner Simple task runner for JavaScript

templatr Parses HTML templates for use as middleware

unit-test Utility to run unit tests

xhrequest Node implementation of XMLHttpRequest

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