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ent Encode and decode HTML entities

ever dom events with a node-style EventEmitter api

exportify generate require()-able javascript files from non-javascript files

extents compute the bounding extents of a polygon

exterminate terminal emulator application like xterm in node and html

factor-bundle factor browser-pack bundles into common shared bundles

falafel transform the ast on a recursive walk

faucet human-readable TAP summarizer

figc Merge config files with command-line arguments

fileify Browserify middleware to load entire files into javascript variables

findit walk a directory tree recursively with events

fleet command a cluster of processes

foreign-key group and reduce rows for foreign key relations for sorted key-value stores like leveldb

fort sort, min, and max by a transform function

freestyle Really terrible freestyle markov rapping

frequency-viewer plot frequencies in the browser from raw data

fritter stack trace instrumentation through AST manipulation

funstance make an instance callable like a function

gamma the gamma function (Γ)

garbage generate garbage json data

gcd compute the greatest common divisor using euclid's algorithm

git-emit expose git hooks through an event emitter

git-file read file and directory data from a git repo as streams

git-history stream git history

git-http-backend serve a git repository over http

github-avatar fetch the github avatar image for a user

github-from-package return the github url from a package.json file

github-push-receive issue a `git push` in response to a github post-receive hook payload

glog git push blog server

graph-stream pipe a stream of data into a browser graph

grave Version tracking for couchdb views with cradle

gray-code n-ary gray codes of radix k

gtest g-test algorithm to compute statistical significance

gutter streaming JSON.stringify() for nested streams

hacker-deps print out which hackers your application depends on

hash-join hash joins on streaming document collections

hashish Hash data structure manipulation functions

hat generate random IDs and avoid collisions

heatmap canvas heat maps for node and the browser

http-alt alternative implementation of the core node http server

http-browserify http module compatability for browserify

http-duplex turn (req,res) pairs into a single duplex stream

http-noupgrade merge upgrade requests back into the request listener

http-raw expose the raw request data in an http server

https-browserify https module compatability for browserify

https-detect Detect whether a stream is http or https and forward accordingly

hugh-detector detect the color red in an image

humbug debug inline state with a streaming repl

hyperglue update html elements by mapping query selectors to attributes, text, and hypertext

hyperkey shared server+client rendering with live updates for key/value stores

hyperquest make streaming http requests

hyperspace render streams of html on the client and the server

hyperstream stream html into html at a css selector

identifier generate random javascript identifiers

insert-css insert a string of css into the <head>

insert-module-globals insert implicit module globals into a module-deps stream

internet-timestamp generate rfc3339-compliant timestamps from date objects

intestine roll your own test frameworks

intreq compress require paths down to integers in module-deps streams

invoicer generate PDF invoices from json

is-triangle return whether an array of points (in any dimension) describe a triangle

isaacs Your very own isaacs.

jadeify A browserify transform for turning .jade files into template functions

join-stream intersperse stream chunks with separators

jquery-mousewheel A jQuery plugin that adds cross-browser mouse wheel support.

json-literal-parse superset of JSON.parse() adding regex, null, and octal literals

json-scrape scrape json from messy input streams

json-stable-stringify deterministic JSON.stringify() with custom sorting to get deterministic hashes from stringified results

jsonify JSON without touching any globals

jsonparse This is a pure-js JSON streaming parser for node.js

jsup modify json files in-place, preserving formatting

key-range return whether a string key is within a levelup-style range

keysym Look up X11 keysyms, unicode positions, and names.

keyx Algorithms and file formats for public key cryptography key exchange

level-assoc relational foreign key associations (hasMany, belongsTo) for leveldb

level-join join leveldb documents based on common nested values

level-party open a leveldb handle multiple times

level-proxy proxy a leveldb reference to swap instances transparently

level-query search your leveldb from the query string

level-track receive updates from a set of keys and ranges in leveldb

lexical-scope detect global and local lexical identifiers from javascript source code

lexicographic-integer create lexicographic string keys for positive integers without zero-padding

liver update page markup when a leveldb database changes

logdir dump text streams into a log directory and read the data back intelligently

lump count records in n contiguous buckets of equal size

marak Your very own marak.

markdown-directory serve markdown files from a directory as html

markov Silly markov chatbot module

marx allocate worker roles among a collective of workers according to their abilities

meteor Meteor is an ultra-simple environment for building modern web applications.

mine Digs into a javascript file looking for require calls. Used to statically extract common js dependencies.

minimist parse argument options

mkdirp Recursively mkdir, like `mkdir -p`

mmmify maximally minimal modules for a hypothetical es6

module-deps walk the dependency graph to generate json output that can be fed into browser-pack

mountie compose web servers behind host headers and mount paths

mrcolor Just give me some colors already!

multilevel-feed multilevel server and browser client with a level-livefeed manifest

multimeter render multiple progress bars at once on the terminal

n-pair generate pairings for n-many sets

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