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normalize-browser-names normalize browser names

npm-package-search search npm with a local synchronized package list

npm-package-sync synchronize the npm package list to a local file

npmdep Build a dependency graph for npm packages

npmtop silly program that ranks npm contributors by number of packages

nub Uniqueness functions

number-grouper render numbers as 3-digit separated groups

number-script Ordinal JavaScript

object-inspect string representations of objects in node and the browser

oppressor streaming http compression response negotiator

optimist Light-weight option parsing with an argv hash. No optstrings attached.

ordered-emitter emit events in order

parcel-detector recursively detect whether a directory with a package.json is parcel

parcel-finder recursively detect whether a directory with a package.json is parcel

parcel-map gather asset information from file globs in package.json

parcel-processor write asset files to a package directry given an entry point

parcelify Create css bundles from npm packages using the browserify dependency graph.

parents return all the parent directories for a directory

parse-color parse a css color string (plus hsv and cmyk) into an object

parsley pure javascript http parser

password-reset middleware for password reset emails

path-browserify the path module from node core for browsers

pathway trace key-paths through nested objects

permafrost Transparent object persistence on top of key/value stores

persona-id mozilla persona single sign-on without frameworks

picture-tube render 256 color images on the terminal

pier replicate a seaport service registry for fast local in-memory access or redundancy

pipestop like stream.pipe(), but stoppable

pkginit script building package.json files, like `npm init`

placename find a normalized place name and lat/lon from a free-form location query

ploy git push deploy http router, hosting branches on subdomains

plucky compose musical callbacks into plucky arrangements

point-grouper group geojson points into containing polygons

point-in-polygon determine if a point is inside a polygon with a ray intersection counting algorithm

polygon-hash generate an array of geohashes that completely contain a polygon

pony send email

prehost Parse the host out of an HTTP stream and report back as soon as possible. This is useful if you're building a load balancer or http host router.

pricing-widget browser widget to accept payments by credit card

progressify Hand-drawn progress bars for your webapps

prompter create json files, prompting for input and evaluating expressions

propagit cascading multi-server git deployment

provinces state and province lists for countries

pushover git push deploy server over http

put Pack multibyte binary values into buffers

pw prompt for passwords on the command line

py python interpreter in javascript

quack-array turn objects that quack like arrays into arrays

quote-stream transform a stream into a quoted string

quotemeta escape regular expression characters

rap-battle Terrible freestyle markov rap server

recon Keep a network connection alive by reconnecting repeatedly

relaychum friend-to-friend anonymous darknet

render-assoc render associative data from level-assoc with hyperkey for live server+client rendering with progressive enhancement

replicant synchronize objects through a stream

resolve resolve like require.resolve() on behalf of files asynchronously and synchronously

response-stream pass http server response methods through to the next destination pipe

resumer a through stream that starts paused and resumes on the next tick

resware Middleware to wrap around the http.ServerResponse for setting headers before writeHead() gets called

rfb Implements the client-side of the rfb protocol that vnc uses

rhyme A rhyming dictionary

rolling-hash compute rolling hashes

rolling-reduce reduce over mutable collections without recomputing everything

rref solve systems of linear equations using gaussian elimination

rsa-json generate rsa keypairs as json blobs

rsa-stream encrypt/decrypt rsa with streams

rsa-unpack unpack rsa fields from PEM strings

running-mean compute the mean incrementally in constant space

safe-regex detect possibly catastrophic, exponential-time regular expressions

schoolbus drive browsers around with iframes

scoper modify nested scope at runtime

seaport service registry and port assignment for clusters

secure-peer peer-to-peer encrypted streams using public key cryptography and signing

seq Chainable asynchronous flow control with sequential and parallel primitives and pipeline-style error handling

seqsolve generate an algebraic formula for a sequence

sesame Session middleware for lazy people.

shadow-npm lightweight private npm

shallow-copy make a shallow copy of an object or array

shell-quote quote and parse shell commands

shimify browserify middleware to prepend es5-shim

shoe streaming sockjs for node and the browser

shortcode shorthand for binary encodings

shp2json Convert shapefile zip archives into GeoJSON using ogr2ogr with a streaming interface

shux streaming shell multiplexer

sigsolve type signature satisfiability solver under function composition

sillyscope silly oscilloscope

single-page write single-page apps with a single callback to handle pushState events

slice-file stream file slices by line number indexes

slideways horizontal slider control widget

slidey-termy slides with images and terminals

smtp-protocol implements the smtp protocol for clients and servers

sockjs-windows SockJS-node is a server counterpart of SockJS-client a JavaScript library that provides a WebSocket-like object in the browser. SockJS gives you a coherent, cross-browser, Javascript API which creates a low latency, full duplex, cross-domain communication channel between the browser and the web server.

song Sing songs with festival

sorta preserve the ordering of html elements in the browser as updates stream in

sorted sorted arrays

source Grab all of the source files from a package

split-by split an array or string by another array or string

split-css split css files into arrays that you can use to set prefixes

ssh A Node.js binding for libssh

stackedy Roll your own stack traces and control program execution through AST manipulation

stagecoach Shuffle servers around to make staging instances super simple for continuous integration and load balancing.

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