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dot-env An environment variable loader

emitio Real-time websocket pub/sub server

espress Express-inspired streaming-first web server

footman runner between npm and maid

glue Simple control flow utilities for JavaScript

goldfish Evented in-memory cache

http-npm http interface to npm modules

ian Oh hai, my name is Ian. I think that I am neat-o.

jsosort sort javascript objects so that their properties iterate in a known order

literate-mongodb MongoDB driver written in literate coffeescript because code is for humans

locksmith distributed locking mechanism using redis

maid node package maid

malone Abstracted simple-minded mailman for your inter-process/server communication (backed by redis)

mirrorify lazily mirror npm tarballs from a couchdb source

mnpm mirrored node packaged modules

mnpm-server prototype to implement npm registry using linux package mirroring

mongo-uri I parse mongo URIs; especially the tricky repl set ones.

mongodb-ejson-schema a mongodb extended json schema

multipart-form-stream transform files and fields into a multipart/form-data encoded stream

net-cluster a drop-in replacement for node's net module that works in a sane way when clustered

nodeball What? A packaged node application as a binary? I can still edit the source? You're a wizard Harry!

nop library for providing a function that does nothing; it's like super useful

ohyeah oh yeah

orphanage child process forking that has no parental ties

pathificate returns an array of all paths in an object

peeper it watches your directories silently and creepily

pevents A prioritized, promising EventEmitter

plocks plocks ======

polysocket the websocket polyfill

polysocket-json-polling json polling transport for polysocket

pstreams streams implemented with promises

ready mixin to add one-time ready event callback handler

singlefile Ensures that your async function runs to completion before it is executed again

stream-redis streams implementing the redis communication protocol

stylesheet monitoring agent for

supershabam-websocket bloat-free websocket-draft10 classes that can be used directly, or implemented into a larger websocket framework such as Socket.IO or node-websocket-server

transloadit A transloadit client library that runs callbacks when they're actually done

v8tml Does an html dump of v8 profiling data, for your health

websocket-url utility for parsing WebSocket URLs

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