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alcatraz A high-security prison for your application code

argh light weight option/argv parser for node, it only parses options, nothing more then that.

assign Map/Reduce promise like returned API -- Really not way to properly describe this module..

bigpipe Bigpipe a radical new web framework for Node.js that's inspired by Facebook's bigpipe concept.

bigpipe-content Server side bigpipe plugin to deliver static content as fast as possible.

bigpipe-layout Supply default layout to Bigpipe pages.

bigpipe-watch Server side bigpipe plugin to watch file changes during development.

cataloger Markdown documentation generator. Provides API en command line tool. Requires strict input and follows JSDoc standards.

cheetah Store historical benchmark data and visualize, focus on making components faster, fast as a cheetah.

containerization Front-end code containization through iframes

contour Front-end scaffolding utility

creditcard Creditcard number parsing, validation and information extraction

devnull A simple logger with automatic function detection.

director A client Side/Server Side Router

dynamis Node.JS cache API for various persistence layers

eventreactor EventEmitters on a syntax suger rush

exon Extended JSON - pluggable JSON logic for dates, includes. Maintained branch of visionmedia/eson

extract-github Extract the Github project / repository URL from a given object

flatiron An elegant blend of convention and configuration for building apps in Node.js and the browser

fortress Fortress is designed for the defense of client side applications.

frames Frames allows you to create pre-configured iframes. While providing a common interface to interact with the iframe's contents.

fusing Prototype fusion

gatekeeper multi purpose data validation library

githulk Small but powerful Github client

initialise Lazy initialization / require wrapper. Makes sure you only load the modules once when you need them.

jitsu Flawless command line deployment of Node.js apps to the cloud

kju Fault tolerant queue that queues data for bulk updates

licenses A small tool that detects licensing information for a given Node.js module

mana mana potion

minimize Minimize HTML

nodejitsu-api nodejitsu API client wrapper

nodejitsu-handbook A gentle introduction to the art of nodejitsu

npm-probe Probe npm registries for statistics

npm-registry An high available npm registry client

pagelet pagelet

persistent-ghost Wrapper to deploy the Ghost blog on Nodejitsu

pipe.js The client-side library which is used in BigPipe to orchestrate the pagelets.

pre-commit Automatically install pre-commit hooks for your npm modules.

predefine Predefine your Object.defineProperties to create a more human readable API.

primus Primus is a simple abstraction around real-time frameworks. It allows you to easily switch between different frameworks without any code changes.

renderme Render README files from github

revelation Command line tool to present Cataloger's markdown documentation

routable Route matching and testing, nothing more than that. As simple as it could be.

shrinkwrap npm shrinkwrap parser, generation and comparison

smithy Preprocessing of CSS/JS meta-languages made easy through a singular API.

square [square] The whole purpose of square is to provide you with building blocks to create an advanced and maintainable build system so you can streamline your development process and be more productive on a daily basis.

stackexchange Node.js implementation of the stackexchange/stackoverflow API

substream Volatile namespaces for Primus

temper Temper compiles template for client and server side usage.

thor Thor is WebSocket benchmark utility

trailers Automatically defer all written headers to Trailing headers after the headers have been writen.

union A hybrid buffered / streaming middleware kernel backwards compatible with connect.

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