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arrayize Return input if it is an array, otherwise return input wrapped in an array. If input is null or undefined, return empty array.

coinapi CoinAPI is a node.js module for communicating with bitcoin and altcoin service providers. It provides a common API for interacting with various providers. Both request and response objects are normalized into a standard format for easy consumption.

consts A simple way of defining both module and application-wide constants

exists-patch A two-way compatibility patch for (path/fs).exists

grunt-templatize Super simple grunt task to convert an HTML file into a Javascript function

hookio-scaffold A small collection of CLI helpers for building apps with

json-output A Node.js module that assists with creating standard JSON structures for HTTP output

logless Parses an UglifyJS AST and removes logging code

mongoose-models A extension to mongoose's models

node-conf A configuration module

pass-reset A drop-in password reseting module

redis-cache A short-term redis caching module for passing data around by keys

templatize Super simple templatizer, converts HTML into a Javascript function.

uuid-v4 A simple v4 UUID generator

yes-no A tiny module for parsing "yes"/"no" type values

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