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access access control resources, groups and modes by id

application unified http and websocket api

boilerplate Generic, highly customizeable application generator

directory require everything in a directory

dnode-session Expose your connect/express sessions to dnode

express-subdomains subdomain support for express

fleet-panel realtime dashboard for fleet

git-rev get the current git commit hash, tag or branch in node

global-config simple cascading configuration

js-tracker standardized client side js-tracker

machine aggregation methods for use with pixel-tracker and js-tracker

mongoose-troop a collection of plugins for mongoose

node-assembly c bindings to asm

nodeQuery DOM manipulation from the server.

nsettings settings for node apps

pixel-tracker a simple pixel tracker for node

rconsole 'syslog.h' bindings with a revised console module

read-dir read all files in a directory into an object as strings, recursively

redis-graph a graph database using redis sets

redis-modules collection of handy additions for redis

redis-multi-set multi dimensional redis sets

redis-stream create arbitrary node.js streams to and from redis

remote-repl super simple remote repl for node processes

stack-components run specific components of a large project

stack-deploy automated deployment to multiple hosting providers

stats-array array prototype for statistical calculations

throttle-fn throttle a function

time-series-store like graphite but for redis

tracker performance tracker for nodejs

tubes A framework for node.js programs that work with the dom

worker-drone a worker queue with concurrency limits

wrapper wrap a function with before and after hooks

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