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accel-mma84 Library to run the MMA8452Q accelerometer.

ambient-attx4 Use the Ambient module to gather data about the ambient light and sound levels. The module can also capture raw audio data but the sample rate is too slow to be useful at this point.

bindings-shyp Helper module for loading your native module's .node file

ble-ble112a Wait for it...

ble-ble113 Library to run the Bluetooth BLE113 Tessel Module.

climate-s17005 A port of [@jjalling's Si7005-B-GM Arduino library]( to JS.

climate-si7005 A port of [@jjalling's Si7005-B-GM Arduino library]( to JS.

cobs Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing and packet framing implemented in Node.

composite-detect Detect your environment: Node.js, Browser, and CommonJS.

echojs Echonest API for Node.js and browsers.

echonest node.js client for the echonest api written in coffeescript TODO

effess fs with more functions horray

ffi-shyp Precompiled ffi bindings for Windows and OS X (defaults to compilation on Linux)

ffi-shyp-shyp-darwin-x64 Compiled version of "ffi-shyp"" for darwin-x64

ffi-shyp-shyp-win32-ia32 Compiled version of "ffi-shyp"" for win32-ia32

ffi-shyp-shyp-win32-x64 Compiled version of "ffi-shyp"" for win32-x64

gps-fgpmm Wait for it...

hardware Wait for it...

hardware-resolve Resolves hardware dependencies in package.json

jssc JavaScript serial connection library that uses Java(!)

libserialport Cross-platform binding for libserialport, access serial ports

libserialport-shyp-darwin-x64 Compiled version of "libserialport"" for darwin-x64

libserialport-shyp-win32-ia32 Compiled version of "libserialport"" for win32-ia32

libserialport-shyp-win32-x64 Compiled version of "libserialport"" for win32-x64

lifegraph Integrate with the Lifegraph physical development platform.

lsusb Reimplementation of lsusb in Node.js.

lua-colony Lua Colony compiles JavaScript to Lua 5.1 source code, using a small runtime library.

mma8452q Library to run the MMA8452Q accelerometer.

node-shyp Precompile your node modules, use npm as your data store:

node-spoofmac A port of SpoofMAC for OSX to Node.js. Change your MAC address by $ sudo spoofmac en0

ntlm NTLM authentication and Samba LM/NT hash library

olin Olin College helpful libraries.

olinapps Module for and other Olin College functionality.

pmf Pmf port of Thinking Stats

prom Simple promises.

proximity-hcsr04 **NOTE: This module is temporarily for use in the Tessel board.**

relay-im48dgr Wait for it...

relay-im48gdr Library to run the relay module.

rem An HTTP Client with middleware, with built-in support for major web services.

rendersvg Renders SVGs to PNG, GIF, JPEG, or PDF using PhantomJS

requireware Simple middleware to provide asynchronous require() script loading in the browser.

rfid-pn532 Library to run the PN532 RFID Reader

richzmq Re-exports the zmq module but with seamless support for rich data types.

rss-to-tumblr Convert RSS feeds to Tumblr.

sd-tm01 Wait for it...

sdcard Wait for it...

secrettunnel `secrettunnel` generates a random domain name for your project and stores it in `.secrettunnel`. Every time you run `secrettunnel` from that directory, the same secret URL is opened.

servo-pca9685 Library to run the PCA9685 PWM driver.

skim Scrape websites simply. Streaming HTML parser combined with a flexible HTTP client. Unobtrusive middleware to add support for Express 3 sessions.

structured-clone Implements the structured clone algorithm. Clone JSON types, RegExp, Buffers, and Dates, returning a cloned object or a buffer that can be deserialized into a structured clone.

tagr A portable DOM for the web and Node.js.

tail-http Repeatedly tail an HTTP file, such as a log file, that is being incrementally generated (say, on s3)

tcr-test-shyp-darwin-x64 Compiled version of "tcr-test" for darwin-x64

tessel Wait for it...

tessel-logo Generates the Tessel logo in a variety of formats.

tm Install:

unmarked Parse HTML into Markdown, a companion for marked.

usb Library to access USB devices

usb-shyp-darwin-x64 Compiled version of "usb" for darwin-x64

usb-shyp-linux-x64 Compiled version of "usb"" for linux-x64

usb-shyp-win32-ia32 Compiled version of "usb" for win32-ia32

usb-shyp-win32-x64 Compiled version of "usb" for win32-x64

vrml2svg This is a really bad VRML parser.

yenc-stream Encodes and decodes a stream using yEnc.

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